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    English Bracket with Bracket

    I don't understand. What do you mean by 'contemporary'? Again, I don't understand. These triple fusee movements are generally of very high quality. JTD
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    Finding out year and value

    I didn't say anything about the value - that was the post before mine. But these clocks are hard to sell these days. JTD
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    Finding out year and value

    Your clock is marked for Hans Winterhalder, Neustadt. This company was in business from 1919 to 1929, when it was liquidated and taken over by Junghans. JTD
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    Small Junghans alarm clock

    The year is 1925. JTD
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    Wow a Vienna Regulator!

    It might be better just to buy a new chime block complete with rods. Otherwise you are going to have to get three replacement rods in tune, which is not as easy as it sounds. Others may have other or better ideas. JTD
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    Help us date Lenzkirch clocks!

    Thank you for confirming my thought - and, from the thread you linked, it seems that Lenzkirch was in the habit of marking their wares with the patent in this way. Good to know. JTD
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    Mantle Clock Door Bezel and Glass missing.

    I can vouch for Class Glass. I have used this firm many times and can say that Gary Long is extremely helpful and a very nice fellow. He can cut and fit any shape and size glass you want, as well as doing bevelling etc.. I have always been very happy with his work. JTD
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    Help us date Lenzkirch clocks!

    Firstly, may I correct your post: Your clock is stamped DRP (not DPR) and MAI (not MIA). The letters DRP mean Deutsches Reichspatent. 21MAI1878 is indeed a date, (21 May 1878). However, I am not aware of Lenzkirch clocks being dated in this way and I wonder whether the date refers to the...
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    Anyone know where I can get a chain for a Jefferson Golden Suspense Clock?

    A while back Mike Murray had a few of these chains for sale, but I don't know if he still has any. You could ask him tel. 541-559-1090 JTD
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    Help Identifying a Grand Father Clock

    Welcome to the board. As the label on the back says, the clock was marketed by Ernst Lauffer & Co. in Schwenningen. The company was founded in 1919 by Ernst who was the elder brother of Karl Lauffer who had clock factory. As far as can be established Ernst Lauffer did not make the clocks...
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    Foreign Westminster/Whittington clock: Who made it, and is it practically worth saving?

    Yes, the broken barrel teeth could be repaired (many descriptions of how to do it on this site). There may be other wheels needing attention but you will only find that out when you have disassembled the movement. Yes, it's German, not sure of the maker but there are those here who can...
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    French Marble Clock

    I am not sure if you mean the size of the hole in the top of the suspension spring or the hole in the chops in which the suspension spring hangs. But you could try using a thicker pin. Having said that, I am not truly convinced that this is the cause of your oscillating pendulum. It might be...
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    Watson-KeeLess gravity clock from the 1920's

    What were the questions you wanted to ask? JTD
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    Identify square clock please

    And I suppose your clock dates from 1930s approx. JTD
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    Identify square clock please

    The mark on the back is the logo of URGOS (Uhren und Gongfabrik, Schwenningen), in busines from 1920 to 1991. JTD
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    How should I call the Westminster clock like this type?

    No, there is no special name for this. JTD
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    Junghans wall clock 1888-1890?

    Don't worry - no harm done! JTD
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    Why so heavy mantel clock?

    I think the gong is original. Apart from anything else, the movement has no bell stand. Gongs are often seen in this sort of clock. JTD
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    Junghans wall clock 1888-1890?

    I'm not sure why you have started a new thread - isn't this the same clock? JTD

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