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    Truing Caliper

    Good hint, Karl! I will try that method next time (if not forgotten till then). For bending I use a pliers with brass tips similar to this one: Bending in the caliper is questionable in my eyes, as it is stress for the rivet. Finally, none of my calipers are used any more: now I test in the...
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    Cimier "Chronograph" Balance staff

    I was afraid, you would reply so. OK: Frank
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    Cimier "Chronograph" Balance staff

    I do it that way every time, want pictures? :-) Frank
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    Is flattening a balance pivot an acceptable Wostep Standard

    He did, e.g. here: But it rather looks like a thank you for his sponsor B. Not forgetting to mention, to do it on medium quality or less watches only. Frank
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    eTimer Question

    Not only sample rate, also mono/stereo and 8/16 bit must match. Frank
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    eTimer Question

    Why don't you ask the maker of e-timer? He should know what parameters his program needs!
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    What is this

    maybe the blue bar is a key for the clamping screw? Frank
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    Imhof quartz: Battery ideas for 1.35 volt replacement

    Voltage drop of a diode is dependent on the current flowing (according an e-function). If you have the nearly zero current of your tester only, you will get too low figures. You should test voltage drop with a current similar to that of the driven quartz motor. Frank
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    Mainspring replacement for military JLC pocket watch

    But who knows if the old mainspring already was a wrong replacement? Imho the calculator is of limited use, it does not propose a usable thickness range. Frank
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    Parting tools.

    My Andrae & Zwingenberger has one, too. Frank
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    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    :-) I stopped supplying rare parts to amateurs, even if I have enough. They are turned to scrap faster than you can look, resulting in disappearing resources for us watchmakers. Frank
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    Imhof quartz: Battery ideas for 1.35 volt replacement

    Congratulation :-). However with this adapter and the tiny 357 you lost a lot of capacity / running time. I suspect, this pricey adapter contains nothing more than the schottky diode (<$0.05) that David mentioned above. Frank
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    ATO clock repair

    If I remember well, the gold contacts can be removed from its carrier, turned around and mounted again. I did this many years ago. Frank
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    Watch Tuner Timegrapher

    Marv, his reply was, he uses "Parallels" for Windows programs, but an external microphone only works via an USB soundcard. Unfortunately I cannot help further, as I do not use Mac computers (except my Iphone). But also with recent Windows computers it became tricky to persuade a mic input...
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    Watch Tuner Timegrapher

    I will ask someone who runs it on Mac. Frank
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    Watch Tuner Timegrapher

    I am not sure if I may propose my own "PCTM" here? Many pros here in Germany use this Windows program and some users run it successfully on Macs. Free English version download here Some time ago I tested several Iphone apps, result was disappointing at least. Dont't know if it is the hardware...
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    Build your own microcontroller based clock timing machine.

    An awesome project! I can imagine, how many hours you had to invest. My questions: - What kind of pickup do you use? - how come that above graphs of rate and beat error look nearly identical? Frank
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    What jewel hole size for a pivot?

    A general rule is: pivot diameter + 1/100 mm below 0,20 mm and +2/100 mm above 0,20 mm. Frank
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    Help My attachments

    Thank you, Tom. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next version! Frank
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    Help My attachments

    Hello, in the previous forum design there used to be a collection of my attachment and pictures. Is it gone? Frank

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