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    Need help identifying the model or movement number of this Columbus.

    The movement appears to be consistent with the Grade 20 classification (18-Size, Gilt, Hunting, 7 Jewels).
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Updated List: As of May 4, 2021 Elgin: 18s Full Plate – 8100 18s “Veritas Model” (8/9) – 8102 16s – 6102 Hamilton: 18s – 8112 16s – 6112 Hampden 18s – 8123 16s – ? 12s – 2112 E. Howard: Ns – 8132 Howard (Keystone): 16s – 6130 Howard (Waltham): 16s – 6132 Illinois: 18s – 8142 16s –...
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Thanks! I have confirmation from another source on the 12s Rockford being 2162 as well. Thanks for providing additional support. I will add it to the list.
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Thanks, Jerry. I believe you are correct. The 6132 is for the Waltham-Howard. I will update the list accordingly. I agree. Production for this one was an odd choice.
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    Elgin Ferguson Dial - What watch does it go with?

    I would recommend pushing it a bit later. This style was being advertised and sold in greater volume c.1911-1914. A 16-Size Veritas from this era would be appropriate.
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    With the notable exception of the 12s Hampden dial, the third digit appears to be associated with the manufacturer: 0: Elgin 1: Hamilton 2: Hampden 3: Howard (E. Howard and Keystone Howard) 4: Illinois 5: ? 6: Rockford 7: South Bend 8: Waltham
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Thanks, Fred. I will add these to the list as well. Please post photos when you are able. Thanks!
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    I figured that was it. Thanks for posting an image to confirm, darrahg!
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    Ferguson Dial: Decoding the Swiss Style Codes Marked on Reverse

    Shortly after the Ferguson Dial Company was organized by Louis Buck Ferguson, dials were imported in larger batches from an unidentified company in Switzerland. The back of each dial was marked with the patents issued in various countries and stamped with a large four-digit number to signify...
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    Veritas case

    Correct. The image that Jskirk posted is an advertisement published in the March 1901 issue of The Keystone, referenced here:
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    Veritas case

    Correct. Elgin introduced this line to the market in 1901. You may be interested in the recent study posted on the "Veritas Model": ...especially William A. Gabriel's beautiful cutaway illustration of the No. 214 that took two years to complete...
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    Thank you to everyone who contributed images and information for the New York Standard research project. Over the span of the last several months, a serial lookup engine was able to be compiled using more than 1,500 observations. Fortunately, New York Standard generally reserved large serial...
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    Montgomery and marginal or continuous minute dials

    This early variant is similar to the one illustrated with the original report of Montgomery's new dial design, published in the October 28, 1899 issue of the Topeka State Journal.
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    First Run 1908 model

    Movement #16177740 (from the same run) was also reported in August 2018 as having the Model 1908 crown wheel with recoiling click.
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    $ Appleton tracy

    That is probably for the variation without a wind indicator. I need to add an option to programmatically differentiate these.
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    Production numbers

    Rick is correct. This is a consequence of how the database auto-tabulates production metrics and the method of production for these New York Standard movements. Unfortunately, the total production is impossible to determine because the company marked the ""Model K" movements with identical...
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    What does this one tell us?(Early Hampden Stem-winding)

    While not identical to the one that appears in the Ehrhardt book, this advertisement from the October 1878 issue of The Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review features the same content and illustrated cuts.
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    Help to identify maker

    Jerry is correct. The movement would be classified as a Grade 1595, manufactured by the New York Standard Watch Company in the 1910s. Interestingly, the 16-Size movements produced during this era with the standard 3/4 plate typically feature 7 jewels while the "finger" train bridge is found on...
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    The Elgin Medal: Request for Known Specimens

    Less than a year ago, a watch and medal with matching serial numbers was listed on eBay. Unfortunately, the seller's asking price was unreasonably high, and I do not believe it sold.
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    Abraham Lincoln's Waltham Watch

    My research article detailing Abraham Lincoln's Waltham watch was published at The American in January: In summary, my research revealed that this fabled watch was stolen in March 1977 while on display at the Lincoln Savings & Loan...

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