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    Help identifying

    I read E. Robert Maire, mention that he was a watchmaker from Ponts-de-Martel here: Noms de famille Suisses
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    Breguet 1/4 Repeater

    Much appreciated, Philip. The possibility of a link between Valentin and Ingold is most intriguing!
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    Breguet 1/4 Repeater

    This discussion has been very informative. It has stimulated a question about this quote from V&C's official history (my clarification in parenthesis): Avril 1813 Et Vacheron (Jaques-Barthélemy Vacheron, son and successor of the founder Abraham Vacheron) prépare différents genres de pièces...
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    First Small Men's Pocket watches

    Jon, would you be breaking an oath to reveal the "secret" features for that AP? Verger Freres cased small men's watches with V&C movements, not that early and not exclusively for the American market, but also size 12/40mm.
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    Does anyone recognize this punch mark?

    The pendant ring is a wear item and can be replaced during the life of a watch, so I'm wondering if/why a movement manufacturer would mark that part. Perhaps more related to the case maker?
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    Seeking info on L. Fernier et Freres (Besancon, France)
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    Must see: Peter Litherland 1792 Rack Lever Patent.... The Actual Document!

    Question: what is the back story here, how did you acquire this amazing document?
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    Omega Private Label - Canadian Market?

    Nice, love these Canadian private labels. Been to Penetanguishene too.
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    Bigelow Kennard

    Thank-you Philip, very concise and immensely informative. I really appreciate the last two photos of the movement blanc and finished calibre. It reinforces for me the tremendous contribution of hand labour and craftsmanship that resides with the finisher to transform one into the other.
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    about LE ROY & FILS BY LOUIS AUDEMARS 'Superior watch'

    I am enjoying the discussion and photos. Is this watch 9294 in your possession? Its not clear to me if this post is about a watch you own or one you are interested in.
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    Chronometer Gondolo

    The Christie's article is a bit superficial. The "clubs" were subscription sales schemes and were hugely popular in Brazil at the turn of the 20th century, offering everything from watches to pianos, typewriters, even automobiles. Many merchants offered this type of instalment purchase plan to...
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    Non-Magnetic Watch Co. of America

    Kent posted a superb article in 2009 which I copied due to Paillard's working relationship with Crausaz. I can't find it to link so here is the entire post. Look down a few paragraphs for the beginnings of the Non-Magnetic Watch Company of America. NAWCC online article by Kent, 8/19/2009 The...
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    "Horological History: Fact or Fiction?"

    It is so important that respected people like yourself, Philip, continue to advance truth and transparency. It is disappointing that there always seems to be push-back from current interests, corporate and collectors, to revealing facts from the past which contradict the established orthodoxy...
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    One of the Most Complicated Wristwatches, VC Ref. 80250

    Some development history of the watch as posted on VC's old forum The Hour Lounge. 1) Tour de l’Ile – 16 complications - 2005 Tourbillon Minute repeater Power reserve indicator Day Date Month Leap year indicator Perpetual calendar Moonphase 2nd time zone Sonnerie level indication Equation of...
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    Help Find Member field is hijacking my cursor

    I'm on a Mac and typing away in the dialogue box to reply to a thread and my cursor keeps jumping over to the Find Member tool at the right margin. It wants to autofill my name so perhaps the issue is related to the Mac's password tool which autofills the sign-in box. FWIW, this is the only...
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    System for recording movement thickness?

    Philip gave me the answer to the other fractions, nothing to do with thickness. Its the relative size of front and back movement plates! Now I can rest easy, have learned something new today.
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    Pocket Chronometer Chronograph by Henri-Louis Matile

    "négociants" What an interesting term; same as etablisseur?
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    System for recording movement thickness?

    Brilliant Enrico, that helps for those written as x/12. Can you tell me the meaning of those other fractional values, ie, 20/22, 20/21and 19/19?
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    Help Find Member field is hijacking my cursor

    While I'm typing away in the dialogue box, my cursor suddenly pops over to the Find Member field. Seems to happen at regular intervals, perhaps during page refresh or save.
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    System for recording movement thickness?

    Here is a page from the V&C photo reference archives with many examples, both pocket and wrist.

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