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    Help to identify maker of German clock

    From the shape of the backplate, it looks as if it might be a Mauthe.
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    Your opinions on Gilbert clocks?

    I believe they are very underrated. I have 2 that come to mind. My first clock is a Gilbert Observatory that I inherited from my Grandfather. The other is an Ithica tall case with a Gilbert movement. Both are excellent timekeepers and isn't that the bottom line?
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    Is it Lenzkirch?

    Based on George Everett's excellent work, "Lenzkirch Clocks, The Unsigned Story" (which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who loves lenzies) I would say there is a very good chance that this is a Lenzkirch. I say that because: the hands, the mounting bracket, the pulley, and the layout of the...
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    Help Unknown Striking Clock Logo

    According to Mikrolisk, it is the Meiji Clock Company Japan
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    Where’s Willie?

    WELCOME BACK, Willie!
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    Maker ID on Vienna

    I think you mean GR instead of GB.
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    Maker ID on Vienna

    I'm thinking it could be a Resch. Possibly from while the dad was still alive? I say this based on the keyhole mounting scheme, the relatively low S/N, the placement of the S/N, the shape of the beat adjuster, and the dial pan looks to be brass. None of this is conclusive just my 2 cents...
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    Gingerbread time/strike/calendar questions

    Based on the general look, slotted screws, The old time staples holding the frame together around the glass, The black wash over of the inside of the back board, I would vote for old and genuine. That said, you are going to have to bite the bullet and remove the dial for any chance of finding...
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    Unknown item

    Hi Ted, Welcome to the message boards! I don't have a clue what you have there. Hopefully somebody will. I just wanted to say Welcome. Walt
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    Help me find out the manufacturers of the mechanism!

    Hi With the only thing written on the movement is an "HD" it may be difficult to determing who made it. Hopefully someone will come by and recognize it. I will say it is French and I would estimate about 1870. More than that I do not know. It is a very nice clock. I hope you enjoy it. Walt
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    Adamantine veneer repair - any possibilities?

    Hi Mudbug, First, welcome to the board. Whenever you have such an issue, posting pictures will always help to understand what you are dealing with. There are instructions on posting pictures in several of the boards. Now for the bad news. The Adamantine finish was a pantented process that...
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    Help me find out the manufacturers of the mechanism!

    HI, Please add a picture of the entire back plate and a close up picture of the dial. Many times an unmarked movement is difficult to identify. Sometimes there is other information on either the dial or somewhere on the back plate that can help. Walt
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    R. Schnekenburger bim bam question

    PM John Hubby, he can probably help.
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    Underappreciated Makers

    I would definitely agree with MB being on that list. I have a beautiful chip carved table clock by MB that I brought home from the Czech Republic several years ago. Another maker that I believe belongs on this list is Schnekenberger. (RSM) I havea few of his clocks and they are all very...
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    additional thoughts on parting out clocks on ebay

    This is really a hot topic for me, although the comments abour marriages does soften things for me a little, There has been a lot of talk about making money and I dont really care. The bottom line here for me is it you take a perfectly good, original clock and part it out, you are destroying...
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    Help needed with clock movement identification please.

    According to, This is from URGOS. They show the name arched above the clock dial and report that TM was registered in 1923. Hope this helps. Walt
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    Any shorthand experts....?

    For you guys that had wives who were secretaries back in the day, maybe they can help. Walt
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    Auction find

    John Hubby had been developing a database for RSM for quite a few years. Message him directly and he will give you what he has. If I remember things he has told me, I would say about 1880.
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    Auction find

    They made their clocks in batches of 30. The 4181 is the serial number and the 11 identifies it as the 11th clock in that batch. I have several RSM clocks and they are of excellent quality. If you do a search on RSM, the boards have lots of info on the company. Walt
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    Help Please to Identify Regulator Wall Clock

    Hi Hugh, I would call this a keeper. I would attribute this clock to what I like to call the Becker children. You may never know exactly because it is not marked, but based on the shape of the bridge, the hole in the backplate, and the beat adjuster, I believe it could be. Real quick and...

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