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    De Bruce Anniversary Clock

    Looks like plate 1040D, from the portion of the picture. If that is true, it takes a .0023, being a miniature clock. However, looking at the second picture, it is 1040C, a full size, and takes a .0032
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    JUF lunar Louvre clock i just purchased

    I have the same model, but mine does not have the correct top. I would think the base is painted on yours, but should come off easily. It is a matter of taste, but for a long time I felt if I only had to adjust the beat, I left it in its natural patina and if I had to take it apart I cleaned and...
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    Another 400-day clock to confirm (this one an Edgar Henn?)

    Is the spacing between the anchor and the fork about an index card thickness? You might be seeing the anchor pin jump between before engaging.
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    Badische plate 1015 (Hauck?)

    Thanks for adding that, Eric. I should have noted it in my "guide" back then. Where has John Hubby been; he is well, isn't he?
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    Another large faced 400 day

    Wow, good eyes, Wayne.
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    Another large faced 400 day

    The hands do match with the chain portion, so I think they are a pair. I like the design, too.
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    Another large faced 400 day

    Thanks for the tutorial on the pendulums; I have always looked at the pictures of the two and wondered what is the difference. In your pic of the Kern the bulb at the bottom looks completely smooth, whereas the bulb on mine has a ridge like the Kienzle, but the points you showed all match Kern...
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    Another large faced 400 day

    In a previous post I was inquiring on the date of one of my clocks and this one came up, so I thought it best to have a separate post for a separate clock. I am curious about the maker and the age. I liked this one because of the 5 inch face and it is chrome. The base is only plated under the...
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    Anton Harder Clock ?

    I noticed where the suspension is mounted took the addition of brass squares, which would be kind of a sloppy way for a manufacturer to design the clock. However, I think Eric nailed it with his observation.
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    Badische plate 1015 (Hauck?)

    Thanks for the response and I am glad you are thrilled; your response would seem to confirm my assessment that you are the man to ask. Your Kundo is definitely very similar. I have a chrome one that is similar, but not as close a match. I might have to start another thread in the near future...
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    Badische plate 1015 (Hauck?)

    I finished this clock recently. Took a bit of cleaning, but was easy to get going. I am assuming it is a Hauck made for Badische, but I am sure Eric will be by to make the correct call. I was attracted by the unusually large face on it. It is easily to read from anywhere in the room with the...
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    Eureka My first Eureka

    Your work on the case is phenomenal! I envy your skill.
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    Gustav Becker 400 Day Disc Pendulum

    Hello Les, Your memory serves you well. My Beckers run well on .0004, but I have read on here of those that need a .0045 thinned to about a .0042 or so. Turn table was a useful find.
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    $ my second Kaiser

    I believe John Hubby had your version as the hardest to find with the dots as markers, so extra congratulations on that. I find the movements to have "refinements" that really are unnecessary and just make it harder to work on. I have the slightly more common version with the beads on "sticks"...
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    What is "fluttering?"

    Moving the hands and getting fluttering is entirely normal. It is when it does it in the normal running that you need to take action.
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    What is "fluttering?"

    I would raise the fork in very small increments before adjusting anything.
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    JUF Lunar Louvre

    So now the hunt begins. After seeing your great work on replacing parts, I look forward to seeing the finished pendulum!
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    JUF Lunar Louvre

    I was fortunate enough to find a dome in an antique store that almost fit for the one I have that is similar, but not as nice as your recent purchase. I only paid $9, so the almost fit was fine by me. It is just shy of 6 in. wide and 14 in. tall, so 5.5 in wide does sound correct.
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    JUF Lunar Louvre

    Nice buy Eric. I had my eye on it, too, but figured that with the trouble and expensive of finding the pendulum(2 ball, probably?) I would just let it go. Knowing you, you probably have the pendulum. I did not even catch the difference in the number of columns. I have the similar model with the...
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    S Haller “Elo” midget escapement question

    As Wayne said, flipping the fork often has worked for me. The block that holds the fork is arranged so that the greater mass is below, if attached as shown in the guide. By flipping, you then have more mass above the fork's location, thus shortening the amount of suspension spring between the...
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