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    Sessions movement repair

    I have an old (kitchen) clock that was my great grandfathers that I just love. I have never known it to run, and I was told by someone in my family that it stopped running the day he died. When my grandparents passed away, I was given this clock by my Dad, and have been in possession of it...
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    Plymouth Tambour Clock

    I have an older clock of my parents that my wife had fixed a few years back. One of the springs that drives the chimes broke shortly after repair, but I just realized that it still runs. After we moved to the house we are in now, which was 14 years ago, the clock would not even run. I had...
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    Hamilton Mantle Clock running slow

    I have a Hamilton mantle clock that I picked up for a decent price. It has the Hermle 340-020 with a floating balance. I have the little finger on the balance wheel adjusted all the way it can to try and speed it up, but it's still slow. Any options? I thought I read someplace that it might...
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    School House Clock Repair

    Many thanks for all the help you all give me. I have an old 1980's School house clock that I bought my Mom when I was in high school. It has not run in a number since we moved as it got jostled about. It has some sort of "beat adjuster" on it and I am not certain how to adjust this. The...
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    Schatz Ships Clock Bell issue

    I bought a Shatz ships clock recently, and fell in love with it since it said "Germany" and not West Germany (pre war possibly??). Anyhow, it chimes unlike a ships clock should. Sometime it chimes 16 times, sometimes 20, never less than 12 though. Any ideas? I will photos below are my...
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    Chelsea Shipstrike Chime Pattern incorrect

    Does anyone know how to fix a Chelsea Shipstrike so that the bell pattern is correct? For example, it just rang 9am and it sounded 6 bells... but it should have been 2 bells. My first thought was just to pull the hands off and reset it, but I thought I read someplace NOT to do that on the...
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    Loose hour hand on Waltham 1883

    I have an Waltham 1883 that I picked up, and I have been having issues with the hour hand between the hours of 6 - 12 just moving on its own. I thought possibly that the hour wheel washer was not there and that was causing the hour wheel to become disengaged. When I took the face off the watch...
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    Waltham 1883 winding question

    I just received a Waltham 1883 pocket watch and I am a little puzzled. If I just twist the winding stem clockwise, it doesn't engage (like when you turn it counter-clockwise). I have to press down on it a little to get it to engage. Is this normal? It's not a big deal, but my other three...
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    American PW Waltham 1883 Crystal

    I received a Waltham 1883 today. One question I have is the crystal has some scratches on it. I can't tell if it is plastic or glass, but I think it is plastic. Is there a way to remove some of the scratches from the crystal? None are all that bad, but it looks like the previous owner may...
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    Waltham 1883 Balance Staff

    I know the later model Waltham watches had a friction fit balance shaft, but what type does the 1883 have? I have the opportunity to pick up a non-working 1883 that just needs a new balance shaft I am told. The price is less than lunch at Chipotle, so I figure what do I have to lose. This...
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    Poor mans staking set information

    I'd like to start "trying" to fix some broken watches that I might be able to pick up inexpensively. The problem I am running up against is many of the watches that I see that are mot running look like the balance wheels need to be fixed. In my research, I know I will need a staking set, but...
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    Adjusted? Adjusted 6th position?

    Sorry guys if this is out there someplace, but I didn't have much luck searching for it. I keep seeing these terms in some of your posts and I have no clue by what you mean when you say you have "such and such watch, adjusted" or that the watch was never adjusted to the 6th position. Can...
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    Durable pocket watch

    Hi all... this is my first post, so I hope you can help me. I picked up a Waltham model 1899 pocket watch earlier this year that had been rebuilt. I initially had an issue with the mainspring and had to send it back for repair, and now, I believe the balance wheel is having issues as it will...
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