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    Bulova School of Watchmaking textbook

    I got mine at the school in 1959.I think it is the same as the later editions. I knew some of the people that wrote the book and illustrated it. (Sam Mellinger for one) It is a good book for basics.That is what it was meant for. I got mine free. J Smith
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    updated Gould book

    As of 1-23-2013 they are taking reservations for a summer printing. find it on J Smith
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    last resort to get bezel off of case - toss whole thing in Ultrasonic???

    I have tried heating the bezel or back with a small propane torch and using two of these flat textured rubber jar lid removers.Just don't get it too hot.They can be a bother at times. J Smith
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    Feel free to contact the "'Moderator" of the Horological Books Forum

    For a good price for books check out J Smith
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    Hamilton Snap back Cases

    Try this, go to a hairdresser or beauty salon ( or beauty supply house) and ask for some used shaping blades with smooth edges. They are about 1/2 inch wide and about 2 inches long.They are much stronger than a regular single edge razor blade.They will take some amount of pounding with a...
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    Hamilton Snap back Cases

    Another country heard from. Go to your (or your wifes) local beauty salon and ask for a used styling razor blade.They are about 1/2 inch wide and about 2 inches long. they are more sturdy than a regular razor blade and will take more pressure.I use them all the time.They are readily available...
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    Bulova 24 hour sub-dial w/ moon phase Military???

    Methinks ye have a Shanghai Special. J smith
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    Need Bulova Crown

    The bulova stock number is 175 for the 10 AH crown. J Smith
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    Hamilton 992 Engineer Corps U.S.A.

    Kent, FYI, Dial number 946 info is mixed up. Movement number is 1,307,341. Case is Fahys oresilver #6659205 Thanks, J Smith
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    American PW Waltham Vanguard 23j Staff

    The staff number is 4861.You will need the pivot diameter. Usually the 23 jewel model used a .10 mm , but it could be a larger size. Most people like to have a selection of various sizes to select from. Good luck, J Smith
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    Trivia quiz

    $40.00 J Smith
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    looking for information

    Omega made the "Chronostop" that was very nice.I had one but alas it was sold. J Smith
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    American PW Wind indicator parts for Elgin 16s

    What parts do you need?? J Smith
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    Benrus artdeco wristwatch, 7 jewel Benrus movement

    Your watch movement is a Font 8344. The stem is Bestfit #168F. Someone probably has an older stem assortment with one in it. J Smith
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    Autographed book

    I lucked up. I wanted a copy of Fried's "History of the AWI Museum". I found a copy on Abebooks and called the seller.He had copy number 8 that was signed to Kathleen Pritchard from Henry Fried. How is that for getting two birds with one rock? J Smith
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    Review: second worst book that I have read

    I asked Henry Fried about Charles Purdom and needling hairsprings and such. He smiled and told me he knew "Charlie"and that he was a very good "soft soap" salesman,and not to put much depemdance in what he wrote. J Smith PS What is the worst book you read on Horology? JS
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    Hampden dump case with unusual interior shield

    What is a "dump"case?I have never heard of one. J Smith
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    accutron 214

    Did you use an original Accutron gasket? The gasket spaces the position of the stem in or out for turning the hands to set the watch.If the gasket is too thin the setting wheel goes in too far and goes out of mesh with the minute wheel. Something to check on. J Smith
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    Hamilton 992E in a Bunn Special No. 108 Case

    I have seen two 992 movements (not E's) in Bunn special cases,but I think they were #29 cases.They were owned by 2 employees of the Seaboard Air Line in Norlina NC who lived across the street from each other.I even checked a previous watchmakers records and they were listed as such back in 1947...
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    Found an incomplete Elgin movement...

    That lever is a spring that works with the mechanism that raises and lowers the large wheel to wind/set the watch. To convert from hunting / open face the barrel bridge must be removed and the winding pinion moved to the other side. Hope this is decipherable . J Smith
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