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  1. Mr. Time

    Post Your Wristwatch Photo/Art

    Yes WEMPE! :thumb: Sadly though Wempe definitely does not get the kind of love it deserves, concerning timepieces.
  2. Mr. Time

    Post Your Wristwatch Photo/Art

    That is a pity/shame to let that particular style watch to let deteriorate like that. That would definitely be worth having it fully restored, IMHO.
  3. Mr. Time

    Fred Amos has passed owner of Bernhardt Watch Co.

    Please forgive me if the following has already been posted. This past weekend I received an email from the "BERNHARDT WATCH COMPANY" from Fred Amos wife informing me that Fred passed away due to complications from Covid-19. I don't know if anyone here had ever heard or even had previously...
  4. Mr. Time

    Cool water clock!

    I had to post this (hopefully it is not a repost?...if so my apologies) because this is just way to cool!
  5. Mr. Time

    Omega SpeedMaster Professional early birthday gift!

    Boy what a surprise I had this past Saturday! My nephew (who has quite an impressive watch collection) called me last month (early September) and asked me for my opinion on a couple of watches that he was contemplating on buying. As always I am honored to oblige. He always told me that his...
  6. Mr. Time

    Tower clock installation gone wrong......

    At first I had no idea where that took place at but apparently it happen at Purdue University's tower clock, thanks to Bobby2003's post # 4 above.
  7. Mr. Time

    Tower clock installation gone wrong......

  8. Mr. Time

    Patek Phillipe at auction

    It's a Patek Phillipe watch :?| .....just the name it's self should be enough (that is"if" it is authentic!?).
  9. Mr. Time

    How two guys fixed a church clock with WD40

    Wow! What an awesome story! Thanks for posting and sharing.
  10. Mr. Time

    Big Ben silent

    Thank you posting and sharing that info. Really enjoyed the video, very informative.
  11. Mr. Time

    Watch Case with Hinged back

    Dr. Jon thank you so much for your assistance! I appreciate very much!
  12. Mr. Time

    Watch Case with Hinged back

    I would like to know if anyone here on the forum knows where I could purchase a Case with a hinged back (a.k.a. Hunter back?). I provided pictures of some current watches that display this particular Case with a hinged back. Most if not all of them are high dollar watches so just maybe a Case...
  13. Mr. Time

    Assembling a wrist watch?

    Changed the band from its original leather to a stainless steel mesh style!
  14. Mr. Time

    Assembling a wrist watch?

    Thanks for tip! :thumb:
  15. Mr. Time

    Assembling a wrist watch?

    Yes those "tabs" were definitely a challenge! I found it enjoyable assembling my watch kit. Though out of the whole entire watch kit, there were just 3 areas (at least for me) of the kit that gave me the most challenging attempts. 1.) Cutting of the Stem for the Crown. 2.) Inserting and...
  16. Mr. Time

    Assembling a wrist watch?

    Well here it is! I finally set aside the time to dedicate all my effort into starting and accomplishing my attempt at this watch making kit. I am proud to post that it is complete. No not perfect but definitely "Perfect" to me. The whole task took me approximately 2-1/2 to 3 hours tops.
  17. Mr. Time

    Assembling a wrist watch?

    I could care less! :D
  18. Mr. Time

    Assembling a wrist watch?

    If you clicked the website link that I posted in my original post, you are able to download an instructional guide, etc. on building your watch kit and also provide another instructional tutorial video as well.
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