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    One of a kind Skeleton

    I've been thinking more about this since I last messaged you. I'm pretty sure that ProClocks sold this as a kit, made in China, and brought mine to the Regional to show what it looked like assembled. I believe they told me that they didn't;t want to have to transport it back to Cincinnati from...
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    One of a kind Skeleton

    Hello, Please rest assured that I don't mean to "rain on your parade"! But I have the same clock and bought it about 10-15 years ago at a Regional in Pasadena. My clock looks identical in every respect as to the frame and the movement shown in your pics. Mine differs in that it has a bright...
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    Old Case?

    PS: Mine also the door pivoting on hinges.
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    Old Case?

    Hello, I have what appears to be an early Lenzkirch clock (about 1873) which is a match to your case! I believe it is a model 4 or 5. Can you tell if there was anything glued just above and below the ebonized columns on the door? Mine has small wood roundels, ebonized to match the thin black...
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    weight for 30 hour movement

    What is the correct weight for an English 30 hour posted movement where the time and strike are in a row (not side to side). The movement is run by one endless chain. Thanks in advance for any information. Jim
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    Would like some help identifying this movement maker - time only weight driven

    Hello, I have the same Lenzkirch, except that mine is a two train movement. Same logo as yours but a slightly lower serial number. The case is identical and it wasn't ebonized or painted black. The case is a deep mahogany; the narrow inset columns are black as is the front edge of the...
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    Dial resilvering

    Hello All, Can anyone recommend a good company/person to resilver a 3in diameter dial from a Viennese table clock ? I checked the Dial House and they seem mostly oriented to engraved tall case dials. This dial is not ingraved and has painted/inked numerals and makers name - Anton Liszt in...
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    Lenzkirch topper

    Hello all, I have this Lenzkirch regulator made in 1875 - dated by serial number and first Logo according to the date plan on this Message Board. Does anyone have a catalog picture or know what the topper would look like? There are two holes on either side of the top of the case, but...
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    Is there a liquid that resembles Mercury in appearance?

    I've used a silver mylar sheet. Just carefully use a very smooth (not lumpy) adhesive with the seam to the back of the vial to adhere the mylar to an appropriately sized wooden dowel. carefully cut out circles for the "top" of the dowel. It's very realistic and no wrinkles that tin foil...
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    Graham deadbeat escapement question

    Hello, I Have a circa 1920 herschede tall case. Over time, I have noticed that the amplitude of the pendulum has slightly decreased. It is also apparent from a visual check of the pallets, that there is a very, very small amount of recoil of the escapement wheel on the entry pallet, if I am...
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    D A Barston slave clock

    There are actually 4 C batteries hooked up to the controller. They're sold by Piexx (look up The model is IMP-22 at $89 - it runs all sorts of slaves, American and European. The different modes are set by pushing small buttons so that the pulsations match the requirements of the...
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    D A Barston slave clock

    Here are the pics of mine. I've also taken a shot of the slave driver and batteries. It's very easy to position them just inside the back so that they don't show. As I recall, the device has a setting for clocks that take a pulse every 30 seconds (which Gents requires). I don't remember...
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    D A Barston slave clock

    Hello Lee, I have exactly the same clock. Its a factory clock made by Gents with a pul-syn-etic slave movement needing a pulse every thirty seconds. I bought a "slave master" electric driver from a Brian Mumford off the internet. There are other manufacturers of slave driver movements out...
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    Carriage clock gongs

    Does anyone know of a source for the small wire gongs that are found in a striking carriage clock? I've looked thru all the catalogues of the main supply houses, but everything shown is too large. Thanks in advance for any info. Jim
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    Cable Size for Herschede Grandfather two weight movement

    Hello, I have a five tube, two weight Herschede - it is a 3/4 striking Westminster. Quite a unique striking mechanism, to say the least. For an in depth discussion of this movement's strike train, please see volume38, issue no. 304, page 634 of The Bulletin. I'm sure this will help you. Regards, Jim
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    Bulle Bulle coilww

    Hello Frank, Thanks for your reply. I would greatly appreciate any info on contacting the person in Germany who can rewind the coil. Jim
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    Bulle coilww

    hello all, Does anyone know of a service that rewinds Bulle coils? There used to be a fellow in England that did it but stopped several years ago. Thanks in advance for any leads, Jim
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    Bulle Bulle coilww

    hello all, Does anyone know of a service that rewinds Bulle coils? There used to be a fellow in England that did it but stopped several years ago. Thanks in advance for any leads, Jim
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    "The Project" supplied by Butterworth Clocks, Inc

    Hello, i'm interested in "the project". Is this available on the Butterworth web page? Can't seem to find it there. thanks in advance, Jim
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    Old Herschede syncing problem

    Have you tried checking the spring on the side of the movement which causes the pin barrel to move the required shifts in position is tightly screwed down and/or that there is enough tension exerted by spring to move the barrel?
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