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    French Clock Bezel?

    The picture on the right in the center of the paper, I believe the cover screws in there.
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    French Clock Bezel?

    From what I've seen many have nothing there. Then some have a fabric over the back cover. If it were me I would cover the inside of the back cover with a fabric to keep dust out.
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    How do I clean a Urgos lacquered movement

    The cleaning solutions contain ammonia which enough of a concentration would damage the lacquer. Properly mixed I doubt if it would hurt the lacquer. Any solvent containing acetone would for sure remove the lacquer. Mineral spirits like Willie suggested would be safe. If you use that in your...
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    What to do

    I have an antique repair business who one of my customers was purchasing containers from Europe and often the furniture didn't get fumigated enough. They were supplying me with insect spray made for the beetles in the event I came across a piece of furniture with live bugs in it. Termites...
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    Finding a replacement motor

    Those motors get stove up easily. I recently bought a clock with a similar motor and had to turn the gear with a pair of pliers to begin with. I opened up the gear box and cleaned and oiled it and the motor is working fine now. You might go by the voltage and RPM. It's possible a different...
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    What to do

    Keep an eye out for small piles of dust around the cases. They are or have been infested with powder post beetles. If you see dust around the cases then there are live insects in the cases. The beetles are worse than termites. They will eat up the furniture in your house as well as the framing...
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    Wood Stain color for Pulaski grandfather clock chassis

    They don't use stock colors like you would pick up at a lumber company. Most places use a combination of dyes and stains to achieve the color they want. If you would post a picture of the clock I will help you mix some stain. Pictures are not accurate with color so all I can do is help you...
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    My new addition.

    I really like the turquoise glaze around the dial. Do you do your own electroplating? Been thinking of getting the equipment but don't know if I would use it enough to merit that.
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    Anti seize compound for screw threads

    Think your question would be better in the clock repair forum.
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    French figure clock case

    The biggest issue with the details I think is the faces on the figures. They don't have any paint on them. The whole case hasn't spray painted, it's just little spots which has had some repairs. I think maybe what you are perceiving as paint is where I've been heating it with a torch...
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    French figure clock case

    I don't believe this case has been re-plated, it may have been a bad cast or something went wrong with the plating work which has obscured the detail. Anyway I don't have the means of re-plating it now which would further obscure the details more. I got to thinking when I cover it with gold...
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    French figure clock case

    It's spelter alright, you can see a bit of the edge of the leg in post 8. Don't understand the plating process, it appears to be plated with copper first and then brass or bronze over the top. It has to be plating, the metal coating is extremely thin. It had been repaired before in small...
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    French figure clock case

    It has paint on it in spots but for the most part is brass plated. I've wiped several places with lacquer thinner and nothing came off on the rag. The foot in the center I made out of lead. The other two are original however the one on the left was broken off when I got it. The cost of the...
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    French figure clock case

    You may be right. I went to google images and there were a few different clocks that had the same cylinder for the movement. I had seen the type movement you are describing. The holes in the side of the cylinder I assumed were there to keep the movement centered in the cylinder. The...
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    From Another Hobby

    Tempus Fugit in your oris
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    French figure clock case

    That may be good news. I've been having a difficult time finding a movement the right size for the clock of any brand. The hole size is 91mm and the outside diameter should be around 10 cm. Not much wiggle room. It being a generic may be good too. Since I've been making repairs and adding...
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