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  1. inbeat

    Chelsea 2 1/4 inch Boudoir Gothic.

    Mine is just pushed on but does not pull off easily so must be pressed....
  2. inbeat

    Chelsea 2 1/4 inch Boudoir Gothic.

    Nice clock. I watched it on ebay but I was most interested in it for the hands...I have the same model but with a special dial and hands (though one of my fancy hands is broken off and gone. I have been unable to find the correct hand or replacement hands like on yours. Mine runs fine but I...
  3. inbeat

    The "Facebook Group NAWCC Friends and Members" is causing the association's reputation to be tarnished.

    Kevin, I do not believe that any information has to be presented in order to join. I belong to numerous groups on Facebook and it is distressing to see the things that are on a Page with the NAWCC name at the top..In order to join most groups you have to answer a question or two and have an...
  4. inbeat

    The "Facebook Group NAWCC Friends and Members" is causing the association's reputation to be tarnished.

    The group is constantly getting spam which today involved pornography but at other times has "only" been advertising with no link to horology as well as financial schemes and Religious posts. There does not seem to be any check on who joins the group or what their relationship to horology is...
  5. inbeat

    Facebook groups with NAWCC in the title.

    One group listed as NAWCC member s and friends has had postings that are just nasty...with videos of animals in sexual positions...several members have quit because of this...the group has not not thrown out those who post these and many are fed up with the group.. When you look who is posting...
  6. inbeat

    Need dial silvered.

    Thanks, Just saw this and will try to contact him....
  7. inbeat

    Need dial silvered.

    Thanks.....appreciate your help....I will keep trying although the clock is not an expensive piece.
  8. inbeat

    Need dial silvered.

    Not any more...I used to collect S/T Regulators so I knew Martha Smallwood....Leslie in San Diego....Now I almost only collect Chelsea....I have a S/T Lincoln that needs a dial repaint but it has had a repasted paper dial over it....I have never had a Chelsea dial repainted...all have been fine...
  9. inbeat

    Need dial silvered.

    Bruce, Thanks....I talked to Ben B in October....I can't remember now, but I got the feeling that he was not interested...or that he could do the resilvering and painting but the price would be more than I would want to invest....Or both....I remember that I had to call email....
  10. inbeat

    Need dial silvered.

    Bruce Linde, Thanks, but I know someone who could resilver. I need someone who could paint the numerals back on the dial. I asked a dial painter some time ago, but the dial was too small for her to take on. I also am fairly sure that the numerals are not engraved.
  11. inbeat

    Chelsea Ship’s Clock S/N

    You could look for a copy of Chelsea Clock Company ---The First Hundred Years by Andrew Demeter It has a section on serial numbers, shows the last year that run was made and the type of movement it is.
  12. inbeat

    My Chelsea Ships Bell

    It is hard to tell from your photo, but what is the size of the dial? Thanks
  13. inbeat

    Need dial silvered.

    I have a small Chelsea silvered dial with painted numerals, needing help. The chapter ring measures 2 5/8". At some point it was repainted by James West (deceased now.) Evidently the owner prior to me sprayed varnish on the dial and it yellowed. When the previous owner tried cleaning the...
  14. inbeat

    Clock Clock Parts Wanted

    I am looking for an original painted dial for a Seth Thomas "Lincoln". "Garfield". or "Flora." If none are available I would be interested in a suitable repaint, or repaintable dial. I do not need the wooden surround.
  15. inbeat

    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    Nice clock. I collected Seth Thomas clocks for a long time and only saw a handful of these Seth Thomas with visible escapements.
  16. inbeat

    New Haven Adige Shelf Clock

    What a great pendulum bob Chris. At first glance I thought it was a "Welch" but not so.....I had no idea that New Haven made such a fancy pendulum.
  17. inbeat

    Getting To Know You

    Hello...late to the game but I am "Inbeat" on the board and Jim in real life. I have been a member of the board since 2000, interested in antique clocks sine 1978 and a member of NAWCC since 1981. My uncle was a clock collector and I entered the hobby through him. My initial interest was in...
  18. inbeat

    Determining age of Seth Thomas Regulator #2

    I think it is a #2...the early #2's did not have a seconds hand...the #1's did.
  19. inbeat

    Chelsea Clock Question

    I see what you are talking about now...oops.....In looking at three different models of Chelsea clocks that I own with "special hands" and "special dials", they all differ from your earlier Mahogany and Metal and look identical to your second clock. My earliest "special" hands and dial combo is...
  20. inbeat

    Seth Thomas Regulator #2

    The early S/T #2's did have an unmarked rectangle movement.
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