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    Hamilton 943

    Hello fellow collectors, I was looking through my Hamilton collection and found this Hamilton 943 along with a triple signed 940 and 942 version. After compairing the three I noticed the 943 did not have "motor barrel" on the movement but did have 943, double roller, and adjusted 6 positions...
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    The new forum

    I am not sure where this belongs but I would like to give a big thank you to those that were involved with this new forum. Finally I can add a picture to the posts from my Android phone with ease. Just curious about how to do a keyword search or to search for members as I was able to do in...
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    Waltham CPR Question

    I have seen various examples of Waltham CPR Beaver markings but was curious as to what serial number ranges had just Canadian Pacific Railroad on barrel bridge, which had Canadian Pacific Railroad with Waltham Mass and what serial number range had the CPR on the upper plate. Are the ones...
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    Problem with Hamilton seconds hand

    I just picked up a new set of Hamilton 940 hands, everything went well until i tried to fit the seconds hand.It seems to be too big and will not stay on. The movement # is 1423374 and the hands are the whip and spade type (replacements ehich fit perfectly). What am I doing wrong?
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    Columbus king

    Hi everyone, I have what appears to be a Colunbus King 18s S/N 312910 in tu tone nickel damaskeening with an arabic dial with Columbus King on it and also on movement. I am a bit confused after looking up database and Columbus Watch history if this is a real Columbus King. The big book states...
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    Roy Watch Case Co.

    I found some interesting articles written here on the Roy Watch Case Co. but I was curious as to if any adverisements exist with pricing for a 14k white gold octagon 12s highly engraved with matching gold chain I know the company existed in 1885 to about the time of the great depression. I...
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    Gift for someone new to pocket watches

    Hi everyone, I have my brother in law who always comments on my collection and I wanted to give him a watch that really didnt cost much but runs and presents very nicely as a birthday gift . Watch 1- is an Elgin grade 74 11j 18s with gilt movement s/n 5812349 Watch 2- Elgin 217 15j 18s nickel...
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    American Waltham Watch Co

    Yesterday on fleabay I was bidding on an 11j 14s 1894 Hillside with one.of the most beautiful dials I had ever seen. Unfortunately when the bidding went into the stratosphere in the last minutes of bidding, it was time to fold and come to the reality that at 400 + it was not to be. I must...
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    Question about Fahy’s silveroid case.

    I recently bought an Elgin 11j watch in a Faheys case . The rear of the case unscrews but the front does not appear to unscrew at all. Does anyone know if Faheys made cases that only unscrewed from the back? Their appears to be a groove to match the rear section but it will not budge and seems...
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    To swap or not to swap that is the question

    Hello all, I have a Columbus Railway King s/n 312910 that is in really decent shape with the exception of the arabic dial with many cracks and imperfections. I have a roman numeral Railway King dial in near perfect condition that I was thinking to swap it with. I was hoping to get your...
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    Question about Columbus Mainspring

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping this can be moved to the repair section. I have a Columbus 18s serial # 123470 that will not run and is fully wound. How can I let down the mainspring to take a peek at why it is not working. Any descriptive info would be much appreciated. Thanks, James
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    Best model for practice

    Hi all, Just got my tools ,read some books and sent screws flying on my practice movement a waltham 7 j model 210. Had it disassembled and back together with just a glitch with the click assembly, could not get it to engage and the screw on my second attempt for the winding wheel went flying...
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    FG 123 piece Staking Set

    Hi everyone, I went tool shopping today and picked up some basic tools of the trade along with a complete vintage set of staking tools.The price was right and I could not pass it up. My question is, how essential is a staking set, what is it used for and is FG a decent brand. Look forward to...
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    Watch Columbus 18s 16j whip spring and arm

    Hello,I know this belongs in the parts wanted catagory but for some reason it will not allow me to post.Keeps asking for a prefix even though one was supplied. I have a Columbus King 16j 18s with a broken whip spring and arm. The original was gold flashed but I am desperate and will take a...
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    Columbus Watch Co.

    Hi everyone, I have been looking at a Columbus Watch 18s with an undetermined jewel count (possibly15 or16j) from a private seller. Being new to collecting all I know for sure is it is a full plate, nickel finish lever set and produced around 1892 from serial number and it is a hunter placed in...
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    Question about lever set position

    Hello all, I have a question about the position of the lever on a Columbus 18s Pocket Watch. All of my watches have the lever in the 2 o clock position, one on a private label has the lever at the 5 o clock position. Is this a normal configuration or a tell tale sign of a frakenwatch? James
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    My latest Purchase

    Yesterday I saw a watch with an interesting movement and from a company that I know very little about. It was a buy it now on ebay for a Preoria non magnetic watch co . It is a 15J 18s Paillards Patent marked adjusted. The Damaskeening on this movement really caught my eye, it has a starburst...
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    Dumb question from a new guy

    Hello all, Feel very foolish asking this question but here goes. I just purchased my first 1876 Rockford kw/ks 18s S/N 57332 in a really nice coin silver hunter triple hinged case. It came with a key, winds and runs very nicely but I can't figure out how to set the hands.The stem appears to be...
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    Question about Waltham Non Magnetic

    Hello, I just picked up a Waltham 18s non magnetic movement S/N 3814444 off the auction site. After looking at the database it stated this was a mixed run of 15 to 17j movements . There is no indication of jewels on my movement. How can I tell the jewel count?. My other question is about if a...
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    Donations to NAWCC

    I saw an email today about a matching fund for donations given to the NWACC. With all the help and assistantance fellow members have given me over the past several months I felt compelled to help. Not being computer savvy, I really don't care if I am mentioned as a donor but hope that I was able...
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