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  1. Les harland

    Collecting. A cautionary tale

    Thanks for thhe warning There are quite a few people interested in railroads on here It is something to look out for when buying railroad pictures I like the first one It makes me think of Clapham Junction in London at about the same time
  2. Les harland

    I really like center seconds pocket watches

    The sort of Watch you like is entirely up to you I like half and full hunters They were intended to keep the watch safe if you fell off your horse I have never ridden a horse in my life I do not know why I like them
  3. Les harland

    Can’t open Studebaker

    Why not? All we need now is some one to tell us what the locomotive is and when it was in service
  4. Les harland

    Everyone has a story to tell about a watch.

    Billyhelbender If you post a picture of any marks 0n the the inside back of the case some one here will be able to tell you if it is Silver Your watch starting as soon as you wind it is exactly what it is meant to do
  5. Les harland

    Surprise Mail Delivery

    Some people regard 13 as an aunlucky number so you mave have to get another watch. making 14, to ward off any bad luck caused by 13
  6. Les harland

    American Pocket Watches for Export

    Is Grantham Lincolnshire UK?
  7. Les harland

    Pocket Watch to know what came with what?

    A lot of Waltham movements were imported into the UK and cased here That was to avoid import duty
  8. Les harland

    Just for fun a visit to Woodstock, Illinois

    Rob You are not alone, I am the same I often find the building still exists but is no a jeweller
  9. Les harland

    Show us your locomotive cases

    It might be worth starting a thread identical to this on the European and Other Watches section You could end up with a whole load of different watches and locomotives
  10. Les harland

    Have we over estimated the importance of the time service?

    Trains running on time was a big selling point It also meant the railroad could run more trains over a line in a day
  11. Les harland

    Enjoy one hour in one minute

    I have had a watch go a lot faster than that when the balance broke It did twenty four hours in less than a minute
  12. Les harland

    Have we over estimated the importance of the time service?

    I have not read the book I would have thought that by 1911 "modern" signalling systems using block working would prevent two trains being on the same section of track (block) at the same time Was Rail Road Standard Time taken for granted by then? Railroad Standard Time was first adopted by The...
  13. Les harland

    So, can a case be marked 14K and not be 14K?

    Does 14K have any legal status on jewelry or watch cases?
  14. Les harland

    Another useful research site: Watch papers

    Thanks Dewey I always find it interesting to find out where a watch has been
  15. Les harland

    My Dresser Top secret drawer

    I have dispersed my watches around my apartment That way if it gets broken into I will not lose them all
  16. Les harland

    Not American. Not a railroad.

    It is obviously Swiss I have never seen balance wheel like it It will be interesting to see what American railroad enthusiasts think abour the locomotive
  17. Les harland

    Keystone / Philadelphia Watch Case Co. Gold Filled Case Hallmarks

    The marks on a Gold Filled item are not Hallmarks as we know them They are makers marks Only solid Gold items are Hallmarked The term "Guaranteed Twent Five Years means that the amount of Gold is the amount the maker believes will last twenty five years General wear and tear means that there is...
  18. Les harland

    New Breed of Frankenwatch Discovered

    Loomes Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World lists:- Frankenstein Jacob London 1851 There is no mention of wether he made clocks or watches It raises the question:- Are there any "genuine" Frankenstein time timepieces out there? I think Sherlock Holmes would describe that as a "three pipe...
  19. Les harland

    New Breed of Frankenwatch Discovered

    I think most Frankenwatches are a result of some one making a working watch out of two or three non working ones
  20. Les harland

    What keywind american pocket watch would you recommend to a new collector?

    The Hallmark also confirms any date you have for the movement
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