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  1. fijidad

    WHat kind of Seiko is this??

    I put a battery in this Seiko and it took off running the hands, and then stopped. I found I could advance the hands by pushing the brass buttons on the left....but I'm not sure I understand how this works. Anyone run into one of these before? Thanks, Dan
  2. fijidad

    Dial refinishers?

    Are there any of these left? I searched the "Parts" area and saw nothing that mentioned this service. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  3. fijidad

    Elgin WW Band Type?

    Something I've noticed is that the top of the gold filled band "loop" is worn through the gold to the underlying brass. Looks like someone wore the band over the top of these loops rather than under them. Can this be repaired with gold-colored solder? Is there a supplier one can purchase...
  4. fijidad

    Elgin WW Band Type?

    Excellent advice, and thanks very much. I found just the watch I have for an example. Best, Dan
  5. fijidad

    Elgin WW Band Type?

    Can anyone show me an example of the correct band type that is supposed to go with this watch? Thanks, Dan
  6. fijidad

    Continental Geneva Wrist Watch/Culmina Watch Co.

    I'd like to make this watch has a bad staff and needs a stem, but the staff is the major problem for me. I can work on the larger watches, but failing fingers and eyes makes these smaller ones pretty hard. So, does anyone have a spare movement that will work here? Lacking that I may...
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