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  1. Randy Beckett

    In search of power

    Looks like from your picture that the hour hand bushing could be rubbing on the bottom edge of the dial hole. Try running it with the hands on but no dial.
  2. Randy Beckett

    The Midget Quartet

    Hi Berry, Sorry I was late getting back to you, but I don't seem to get to the message board very much anymore. Anyway, I have expanded my collection to include 4 midget Kerns, and they all do run very well. Although all the midgets are finicky to set up, it seems the Kerns are among the most...
  3. Randy Beckett

    New old clock

    My bad. Didn't realize I had already looked at this thread when I clicked on it. When it took me to the first unread post, I thought it was the first one in the thread.:exhausted:
  4. Randy Beckett

    New old clock

    A picture of the backside of the movement, with the pendulum attached, might help us provide more thorough advice, if Uhralt's advice doesn't correct it.
  5. Randy Beckett

    Clocks hate me

    Although the video is fuzzy, it does look like there is possibly excessive slack somewhere between the anchor and the pendulum. Looks like the anchor is sitting dead still before the pendulum swing completely stops. (anchor to arbor, arbor to crutch, or crutch to suspension rod.)
  6. Randy Beckett

    Whiting/Hoadley minute hand retaining method = ??

    Hi Jim, I don't have enough experience with wooden movements to offer advice, but I did see your thread had apparently fell through the cracks so I thought I would bump it back to the top for you. Just reasoning out what you said though, it does seem reasonable to use a hard setting, fileable...
  7. Randy Beckett

    Measuring bushings

    Seems like one of the month pill organizers would work for keeping them separated and spill proof. You would have to relabel the lids. one month pill organizer
  8. Randy Beckett

    My Kern clock stopped working :-(

    Start out by simply removing the hands and see if it runs like that. Could just be something simple like the hour bushing rubbing on the inside of the dial hole. At any rate, removing the hands takes this, as well as the motion works, mostly off the list of possibilities.
  9. Randy Beckett

    Brass annealing woes

    With the possible exception of one lady called.........Mona Lisa! :D
  10. Randy Beckett

    Pocket Watch guy but a Newbee to clocks....HELP PLEASE

    I think it is just a means to silence the quarterly chimes, but still have the hourly strike. Not everyone likes the chimes going off every 15 minutes all the time, and like a way to silence them at times, like when you are trying to watch TV or maybe entertain company.
  11. Randy Beckett

    tiffany never wind suspension

    I never worked on one of these, so don't know what the beat rate is supposed to be. But if you know the beat rate, you can check your pendulums actual rotation rate against a stopwatch and determine for sure whether the suspension spring is the problem or something else.
  12. Randy Beckett

    Most hated clock - Broken Mainspring

    A replacement spring for a Korean 31 day clock(3/4 x .015) cut down to 135" should work very well on this clock.
  13. Randy Beckett

    Silk Thread Suspension and Influence of Weather

    I haven't tried it on a clock like this, but have on a reproduction verge and foliet, but it seems like dental floss could be a suitable alternative.
  14. Randy Beckett

    Kundo 400-Day - Lubrication issues & results

    When regulating these it is best to start with them running fast, like yours currently is, and adjust them to slower, being careful not to go too far. This keeps resistance against the adjuster by continually working in the same direction against the weight of the balls. If you do happen to go a...
  15. Randy Beckett

    Harold Bain . . . RIP

    Very sorry to hear about Harold. He will be greaty missed here. My condolences to his family.
  16. Randy Beckett

    Westclox Big Ben Repair Advice

    The first thing I would check is the beat of the balance wheel. Open this link and skip down to section 8.
  17. Randy Beckett

    Miscreant Vienna again

    The snail on these index in a "all at once" fashion rather than rotate continuously like most other kinds of movements. When it does it has to be timed with the motion works. If it is timed incorrectly, the movement can be loaded both by trying to index it, and putting the strike train in warn...
  18. Randy Beckett

    Thoughts on paint

    The lighting makes all the difference in how a color looks. Even though I know it is the same piece, the color appears much different in your original picture and the latest one, even though I assume both were taken with the same camera. Did you take the piece with you when you went to the paint...
  19. Randy Beckett

    Mainspring size confirmation.

    If it was mine, I wouldn't change the strength of the spring until I was able to prove from a functional standpoint it was needed. The timing is governed primarily by the length of the pendulum. Overpowering a clock with a oversize mainspring accelerates wear along with some other things. All of...
  20. Randy Beckett

    Kundo 400-Day - Lubrication issues & results

    You're right. Poor wording on my part. The lowest fork position without flutter gives the strongest, yet shortest duration of impulse to the pendulum. The impulse begins at the same position in the pendulums swing regardless of fork position, but drops sooner with the lower fork, resulting in...
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