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  1. ClockJim

    burroughs clock collectors My small collection of small Burroughs clocks.
  2. ClockJim

    Pictures of clocks back in their day.

    I have no information about this photo of a small town eatery. It was found among my wife's family photos. The resturant is possibly in Richland/Crawford County, Ohio. Could that be an Ingraham Western Union on the back wall? Or a...
  3. ClockJim

    An Ansonia Coming My Way

    Because I'm now in NC for the month, I won't be picking it up until early April. :( Guess I'll just have to be patient. :bigsmile:
  4. ClockJim

    Post your American made weight clocks here

    My Wooden Works "Hotchkiss" - Pillar and Splat
  5. ClockJim

    Unusual Ansonia

    And I believe... good buys too.
  6. ClockJim

    An Ansonia Coming My Way

    I was just notified I am the proud owner of this Ansonia "Niobe" I hope it's as good as it looks and sounded. I'll know more about it when I pick it up. Then I'll post a larger photo.
  7. ClockJim

    Ansonia; or is it?

    To my failing eyes the strike hammer appears to have a leather insert. If it's missing or hard, I've used pieces of leather boot laces to replace the old leather.
  8. ClockJim

    Ok Let us start clock collecting now.

    Just like I did 11 years ago... a short drop octagon wall clock. A new collector starts at the bottom and works his way up. Besides, I still like the looks and sound of these basic wall clocks.
  9. ClockJim

    Welch clock

    A few Welch clocks from my collection Not too often seen Welch Mfg. Co. Column Shelf, 8-day, spring driven, T/S. C. 1880's, Welch, Spring and Co., "Round Top Regulator"...
  10. ClockJim

    Welch clock

    Allow me to post what I believe to be a Welch Parisian style shelf clock. There are no labels or movement identification, though the movement is a Welch. I have not found this model shown in any of...
  11. ClockJim

    Ingraham Gallery

    Thanks Steven... I didn't remember such a wide range of sizes.
  12. ClockJim

    Ingraham Gallery

    Here is my "Corrugated" gallery. I don't have my resourse books with me, so I can't comment with any details. I believe the clock came in at least three sizes, mine being the middle size with a 12" dial. Solid oak case with the same movement you have in your gallery...
  13. ClockJim

    Looking for Fenn Tablet Image

    The finished product… First, a thank you to Ralph for making my tablet glass image proportional. I forwarded the jpeg image to the person that produces reproduction tablets based on printing the jpeg image. I received the new glass yesterday (Friday) and installed it today. The case had an...
  14. ClockJim

    Looking for Grandfather Clock Repairman

    No one specifically. Did a Yellow Pages search and found a couple of retailers advertising clock repair. I'll pass it on to my friend in TX. -> posts merged by system <- Someone suggested board member, scottie. I'm not sure what part of the state he lives in.
  15. ClockJim

    Looking for Grandfather Clock Repairman

    A friend in Spring Branch, TX... has a Grandfather (Sligh) clock needing repair. I'm in Ohio and can be of no help. Any suggestions are appreciated. Perhaps some near San Antonio. Feel free to PM me. Thanks,
  16. ClockJim

    Old banjo clock: please help

    Great looking clock. And the price was right.
  17. ClockJim

    Looking for Fenn Tablet Image

    Ralph, My source says they can make a replacement using the edited photo. Thanks again. I will post a photo of the finished product when completed. Should be in a couple of weeks. Jim
  18. ClockJim

    Looking for Fenn Tablet Image

    Thanks Ralph, I'll send this copy off and see if it would work. Jim
  19. ClockJim

    Looking for Fenn Tablet Image

    I am looking for some help in obtaining an image of an original bottom tablet from a W’m Johnson four column shelf clock. There are many fine reverse painters out there that can make a fine reproduction, however the cost is considerable more than I paid for the clock or its collector value. I...
  20. Misc Clock Photos 2011

    Misc Clock Photos 2011

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