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    mystery clock restore project gone bad

    Jefferson Golden Hour clocks are indeed gold plated. To fix it go on-line and find an inexpensive pencil plater for gold plating. Once you have covereed the area a light buffing should blend it in.
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    My First Clock

    I chose this particular movement because there are so many of them around at very reasonable price. I figured for the first clock, if I do mess it up I'm not out a lot of money and its a good way to learn. I think on the second movement, that I bought for $5.00, I will need to do some new...
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    My First Clock

    Hello Scottie. Thanks for the welcome. I basically took the clock bown to base parts, cleaned them withDawn dish detergent to get the gummed up oil and grease off. Took some soaking to get it clean. I checked both plates for wear and out of round holes, they were all good. I then measured the...
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    My First Clock

    Here is my first clock movement. An Urgos 32/3A. I actually bought two of them on Ebay for $10.00 each. The attached pictures are of the first one to be restored. I kept one together so I would have a reference to put the other one back together. As you can see I have it set up and running. Took...
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