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    Klein & Brother, Vicksburg, Mississippi pocket watch movement

    Here's a pocket watch movement I filed away a few years ago. It is marked Klein & Brother, Vicksburg Miss on the dial and movement, serial number 11926. It is a fusee movement. John and Julius Klein established Klein & Brother in Vicksburg Mississippi in the early 1850s. My original guess is...
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    John Shan (?)?Jonathan Shaw? , Liverpool pocket watch

    Thanks for all your help, everyone. It's a lot of research and it is really interesting to find out where it goes!
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    John Shan (?)?Jonathan Shaw? , Liverpool pocket watch

    Hi, I recently purchased this pocket watch and am interested in learning more about it. The best I can tell, the movement has the name of John Shan, Liverpool engraved on it. The serial number is 1652. The case has a worn golden finish, and the outer case is covered in what I think is...
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    Colonial (Schatz) Ship's Bell Clock

    That does help, thanks guys! Any idea about how to identify the model of the Schatz movement? It needs a new escape wheel (the current one is damaged), and I can't figure out the movement number.
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    Colonial (Schatz) Ship's Bell Clock

    Hi, I have a Ship's Bell clock that I'm trying to identify the movement of. It has "Colonial" printed on the dial below the 12, and the movement is stamped "Schatz" & has 4 jewels. The clock needs some work, it runs for a few minutes and then stops. I'm trying to find out the model number of the...
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    Looking for any info on antique Henry Birks and sons pocket watch

    Hi, I have a watch like this also, though mine is in a hunter case. I can't find out who made the movement either, so I thought I'd revive this thread before trying a new one. Maybe someone has discovered the maker in the last 9 years? Here are 2 pictures of mine. And Happy New Year!
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    Boston and American Watch Companies, 1857 to 1858

    That was really interesting, thanks for sharing this info!
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