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    Make a Bushing

    Welcome to this board, Eugene, and may you spend many happy hours on your Boley. I am sure you will find the members knowledgeable and very willing to help. Pierre (Piecat) (ex South African, now Canadian)
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    Let's make a washer

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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    That's exactly why, as I said in my previous posting: " Also, I'm in no hurry, because I'm working on a million things at the same time - clocks, old radios, old cameras, etc." I just cannot see a good thing going to waste. Our household is running out of space with all the old things I...
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    Hi Greg Yes, but I'm doing the easy parts first, like thoroughly restoring anything on the clock that is not worn. Also, I'm in no hurry, because I'm working on a million things at the same time - clocks, old radios, old cameras, etc. :thumb: Piecat
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    Thanks for the encouragement so far. Notwithstanding my 74 postings on this board, I’m still very much a novice, and need to know “how to do it”, in addition to “can it be done?”. If the procedures suggested by Greg, Peter and Tom have been discussed before, I will search for them. My “workshop”...
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    Seth Thomas Sonora - Is it restoreable?

    I have discussed the condition of this clock movement (89 AG) with members in a previous posting. This part comes from the time and strike side of a Seth Thomas Four Rod Sonora. and is representative of most of the parts of this movement. The chime works seem to be in a slightly better condition...
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    Hermle pendulums

    Jeremy Try Acetone - available from your hardware store. Piecat
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    Seth Thomas Sonora Chime - Is it restoreable?

    When I introduced this clock under 'Clocks' (Old? Seth Thomas), I mentioned that I got it for 'very little'. No you can see the reason why. Members of the forum have given me invaluable guidance on the restoration of the case and dial in the topic " Seth Thomas Case - Leave as is, or renew"...
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    Sherline Lathe...Should I buy metric or English??

    Gentlemen I believe the issue here is not English versus Metric, or Metric versus Inches, but correctly expressed: Metric versus Imperial, or vise versa. :thumb: Piecat
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    Cleaning seriously complicated clock.

    Taz and Bob Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I will probably be able to reverse a dis-assembly exercise, and, being a camera repairman, I don't think anything about this movement is too "delicate" for me. It's just that I am somewhat apprehensive about some system going into...
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    Cleaning seriously complicated clock.

    Chris Thanks for your comments. The movement works just fine. There are no springs on the mechanism that can wind/unwind. The gadget in the two top photos is the magnetic coupling I'm talking about. It has picked up a lot of dirt and needs to be cleaned. It is easy enough for me to remove...
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    Cleaning seriously complicated clock.

    This is a Japanese "Sabre" Transistor Wall Clock with Strike and Day/Date facility. It swings a 12" long pendulum and is powered by a 1.5 volt C cell. It has a hairspring, as well as a magnetic coupling between the motor and the rest of the mechanism. It needs a thorough cleaning and...
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    Clockmakers Hall of Shame

    This is off a Westclox Big Ben alarm clock. Piecat
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    Trial Repair

    Harold What you see is a ratchet wheel from a Kern Anniversary (plate 1405A) in prestine condtion, except for a twisted suspension spring, and this busted ratchet. It definitely came out of the factory with this part. "onder" means "bottom" in this instance. I marked it as such to remind me...
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    Mike, I am doing my bit to help the environment.

    Len I think the hand came out very well! How did you hold it while sawing and filing? Is that a new or used collet, and how did you fix it to the hand? Piecat
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    Trial Repair

    Thanks to all who have responded positively to this exercise. I was aware right from the start that this ratchet wheel is not a critical component, and that it could tolerate some slight deviations from spec. However, given the time spent, and the crudeness of this quick manufacturing set-up...
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    Trial Repair

    I recently came accross a smashed ratchet wheel on a main spring barrel. I could have ordered one from the Web (US$ 4.25 plus shipping to Canada), but I had some time on my hands. With the words of Jeff C. from the topic: "Can you reduce a second hand shaft?" fresh in my mind (Quote: .......he...
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    Quiz Night – OK What is This???

    Or a mini mortar for half of an aspirin..........I don't see the pestle tho....:?| Piecat
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    Quiz Night – OK What is This???

    I think it's a single-ball solitaire game board !(i) Piecat
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    Hamilton Movement Very Fast

    I know I will not be bold enough to follow the advice of a master clockmaker in an article published in 1920, but here goes: [b] - If a clock cannot be made to go slow enough, even when the regulator pins are opened out and all the hair-spring let out, weighting the balance by tinning it with...
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