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    Electric WW Quartz Watch Slow

    I didn't remove the movement and the watch ran correctly for about 10 hours at least.
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    Electric WW Quartz Watch Slow

    I recently replaced a battery in a quartz watch for a friend. I verified the battery voltage was what it was supposed to be prior to putting it in the watch. Before returning it, roughly 10 hours, it seemed to keep time. The next day my friend called to say that it lost about two hours...
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    Clock Ticking Too Loud

    I think we have to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is into mechanical timepieces the same way members of this forum are. My daughter does appreciate the fact that the clock is her GreatGrandmothers it is just too loud for her. Ironically a few years back when my son was living with me...
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    Clock Ticking Too Loud

    Sometime ago I gave my daughter a mantle clock that belonged to my Grandmother. She has it on her mantle but doesn't run it because she says it ticks too loudly. Has anyone ever done anything to sound proof a clock maybe by lining the inside of the case with foam or something that would deaden...
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    Molnija PW Mainspring needed

    Thanks! The old mainspring is 0.15mm thick and 1.84mm wide. It looks like the barrel is 13.6mm dia inside and 14.6 dia outside with an inside depth of 2.33mm.
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    Molnija PW Mainspring needed

    Does anyone know the correct mainspring for a Molnija 3602 18 jewel pocket watch? Where would the best place be to get one? Thanks! Bruce
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    Molnija Pocket Watch Mainspring Needed

    Does anyone know the correct mainspring for a Molnija 3602 18 jewel pocket watch? Where would the best place be to get one? Thanks, Bruce
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    Mechanical WW Bulova Movment Removal

    How does one go about taking the movement out of this Bulova? Does it come out the front? Thanks! Bruce
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    American PW Illinois Mainspring/Balance staff Info

    I need the info to order a mainspring and Balance staff for an Illinois 60hr Bunn Special, 16s, model 14, serial # 4826360. Thanks! Bruce
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    Komandirskie Wrist Watch

    I was given what I believe to be a Komandirskie wrist watch made by the Tschistopolsky Watch Factory in Russia. I would appreciate any help in narrowing down the date it was made and movement used in it. Thanks! Bruce
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    Waltham Watch

    I just picked up this ladies Waltham watch at a flea market. It just needs a crown otherwise it seems to run fine. Can anyone tell me any information about the movement? Thanks! Bruce
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    Which pivot hole do I bush?

    So I have an E. Ingraham movement that needs the escape wheel pivot holes bushed. The clock as I received it had a secondary cock attached to the original as in the first picture. And yes, the screw is a sheet metal screw. After cleaning it it runs without the cock as in the second picture. One...
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    GG-W-113 Watch

    Attached are two pictures of a GG-W-113 watch I've been asked to look at. The action of crown is a little rough; I'm thinking the two piece stem might be corroded but I haven't opened the watch yet. The crown appears to be a replacement and the owner ideally would like an original crown put on...
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    Caseless Clocks

    After reading everyone's responses I'm shying away from mounting the movements themselves. For my own use I can deal with cleaning a clock more often but I want to give the Waterbury back to the person who originally gave it to me in which case it should be in a case. I think I will checkout...
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    Caseless Clocks

    I have two movements; Waterbury and Seth Thomas, without cases as they went thru a house fire. Since I don't have the original cases I was thinking of mounting the movements on a board so they are entirely visible. I would imagine without a case the movement may accumulate more dust however in...
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    Clock Rate Adjusting Questions

    Luckily I didn't have the bushing size I needed for the movement so after a day or so looking at the movement I finally discovered my problem with getting my ST to run. The culprit was the clutch of the verge that loops around the pendulum rod. Mine was too tight and gripping the rod. As soon as...
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    Clock Rate Adjusting Questions

    My instincts tell me that I should bush the remainder of the time train pivots to maximize the power getting to the escape wheel. I plan on getting the original suspension spring back today. I also need to make sure the verge is located correctly. The piece the verge pivots on was removable and...
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    Clock Rate Adjusting Questions

    I am in the process of getting a Seth Thomas weight movement working. Currently I've bushed the escape wheel holes which were pretty bad. Prior I could only get it to run by using a fine wire looped around the protruding end of the escape wheel pivot to pull the pivot into position and it would...
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    Clock Stand

    The movement was one of two that went thru a fire and were pretty blackened. The plates are lacquered. The brass parts were warmed in the oven and wiped/polished with bees wax. I wanted the first movement I used the stand for to match it in quality! LOL
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    Clock Stand

    The inside opening is 16"x12" which should hold the largest weight movement short of a tower clock and it would probably hold a small one of them. More practically the size allows several movements to be mounted on it at the same time. Each of the legs has levelers so the stand is very secure...
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