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    Locle Pocket Watch ID - Marked Case Blank Movement , 14K?

    Swiss watch cases were not mandatory hallmarked until the Precious Metals Control Act of 1880 (introducing the squirrel hallmark for 14k gold). The movement seems to be some years older Gerald
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    Rotherhams fusee made for Lussman, Cairo.

    The jeweller was actually Giacomo Süssmann; Cairo; Egypt: (scroll down to Janvier 2014) Regards Gerald
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    Looking for information on a D. Golay Sentier minute repeater pocket watch

    The watch was very likely made or better say finished by David Golay of Sentier; Switzerland. David Golay (1862-1938) was born in Le Sentier. After his apprenticeship as watchmaker he worked as adjuster (regleur) for Jules Juergensen Le Locle, later on he founded his own business 'David...
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    Movement identification please.

    Paul have you tried the #44133 ? I don't know if it's valid but I think the winding wheel with 4 screws is a hint towards Aubert freres. Regards Gerald
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    Movement identification please.

    Ethan Right with one clarification: The flashing seconds of a 'seconde foudroyant' movement's sub dial with four or five divisions make a full turn in one second in four or five jumps. Gerald
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    Movement identification please.

    Hi Ethan There were two variants of two-train movements: the flashing 1/4 second or 1/5 second movements('seconde foudroyante') and the jumping movements with 1/1 second moves of the centre seconds hand. The second ones ('seconde morte') were stopp/restart without reset. Advantage was that...
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    Movement identification please.

    swiss made by one of the great makers (Aubert; Audemars; Piguet ??) for the british customer (not often found this complication in a full plate movement). Traded by F. C. Dupre: Regards Gerald
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    Movement identification please.

    A two train independent seconds pocket watch. Please tell us the number on the inner cover. I think the watch had a deadbeat center seconds hand. Regards Gerald
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    Johan Georg Mertel, in Coburg. Verge or what, I don't know.

    Two snippets from Germany: ...the family Mertel originated from Nürnberg. Johann Georg Mertel became citizen of Coburg and watchmaker in the early 1790's... ...feb 16th 1835 watchmaker Johann Georg Mertel age 69... (obituary) ---> the very likely Pouzait escapement was made close to 1800...
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    1903 Hannover watch, please help identifying

    The case was also swiss made; it shows the gold content in swiss and german hallmarks. The watch went through the hands of D. A. Danckwerth; wholesaler; Hannover; Germany (DAD trademark) Regards Gerald
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    Help Identifying 1800's French Made 18k Pocket Watch

    'Detouche' Paris ? Regards Gerald
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    Help identyfing interesting pocket watch

    Droz & Perret; St Imier; Switzerland Regards Gerald
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    I need help identifying a makers mark on a movement

    According to Mikrolisks database it is the trademark of Adolphe Woog: importer of watches and chronometers; 10 Bartlett Building, London and 12 Rue de Quartre September, Paris ; registered dec. 8 , 1878. Regards Gerald
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    Need help on identifying pocket watch made before 1854

    A nice family heirloom! Swiss bar style watch; made in the early 1850's. The case is likely made of silver (the inner back lid gilded metal). MJ would be the case maker. Cylinder escapement; mediocre quality; aiguilles means hands (the place to set time), Quatre trous en pierre (4 holes...
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    muret geneve fob watch

    'Muret Geneve' was a trademark used by Alexander Baume; registered 1878 A good picture of the movement could help to get more information. On the right middle there seems to be a trademark too. Regards Gerald
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    Need help to id this cartouch, 24hr dial 14k p/w

    There were three tradmarks registered by Schöchlin: (pictures taken from Mikrolisk's database The watch was made in the late 1880's Gerald
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    Need help to id this cartouch, 24hr dial 14k p/w

    Very likely Schoechlin finished and/or modified common movements to his sense of perfection. He sure did more than just put his label on the movement. The case has also the German 14k hallmarks and the kind of finish suggests that this watch was intented for the german market. There is a...
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    Need help to id this cartouch, 24hr dial 14k p/w

    Wilhelm Schöchlin / William Schoechlin Bienne (Switzerland); Furtwangen (Germany) Regards Gerald
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    Unknown movement sold by Bigelow and Kennard Boston

    Early Longines movement. Compare: Regards Gerald
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    Help Please...Glashutte pocket watch

    'Systeme Glashütte' means it is a swiss watch with the typical german Glashütte layout. The movement is Teutonia 19'' or FHF 19''H6.5 Regards Gerald
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