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  1. Tony Ambruso

    Poll-Like New Board/Forum Format?

    As I have said before, I really like the new message board. Good work and thanks to all who made it possible.
  2. Tony Ambruso

    Clock Manufacturer Links?

    Almost the same as the previous one listed, but yet, a separate company: Ridgeway.
  3. Tony Ambruso

    Pinwheel Regulator

    Very, very nice, Steve. :thumb:
  4. Tony Ambruso

    Record your escapement

    No, RJ. This thread is OK. You must have gotten some flavor of that bug with a new posting at the top of a new page.
  5. Tony Ambruso

    Record your escapement

    Does anything work on Vista? :%
  6. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    To continue my hunt for the correct strike set-up for Kobold bim-bam strike tall case clocks, I need to speak with someone who has one of these clocks or has seen one of these clocks. I want to know how many rods are supposed to be in the correct chime unit. Also, I need to know the correct...
  7. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    Thanks for the help, Richard.
  8. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    Yep, I think my eye hallucinates. A parrot...:% That's why I never found it in the Kochmann book.
  9. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    What I am calling a parrot could be a jester. It has large hands out front, but they look like claws to me. I see what could be a pointed hat, but the image seems to have a beak.
  10. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    Richard, I was typing my reply when you posted yours. Thanks for the info. I'll fiddle with the trademark pic and see if I can render a clear image.
  11. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    Thanks for replying, Steve. I did find that link to that other formum and had read the replies. The person who started that thread is my customer. I didn't know this until I started to research this clock. I would feel more secure of my information if I got it from the braintrust here. I...
  12. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    One more. Also, this is a bim-bam strike with a passing strike on the half-hour, I believe. The passing strike is inoperable right now, but it's an easy fix.
  13. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    Sorry, these aren't the best pics, and I don't have a picture of the case. I think this clock is masquerading as an antique because the case looks to be antique, and the owner thinks it's an antique. But the movement is stamped 1954. Is that a year?
  14. Tony Ambruso

    Kobold Tall Case Clock

    Has anyone seen one of these? Do you have any information about it? I will attach some pictures in a second reply to avoid the repetitive display of the pics.
  15. Tony Ambruso

    Clock Giveaway!

    Very nice thread, guys. Well done. Hey, Scottie, I don't care what they say about you. You're OK in my book, but I warn you, my book ain't all that big. :clap:
  16. Tony Ambruso

    Chiming clock movement

    I am no expert on quartz movements, but I do work with one or two per month, mostly set-ups. I have not been thoroughly impressed with the sound they output. Your description, however, is intriguing. I have also had one gradually "lose its mind." It was a slightly frustrating experience for...
  17. Tony Ambruso


    Paint me a skeptic, but I don't think people are really buying these things at those prices.
  18. Tony Ambruso

    Homemade Grasshopper Escapement (Pics)

    Nice work, Sooth. :thumb: It certainly would make a great teaching tool. It's large enough to be clearly seen by a group. Maybe you can be to the wooden demo escapement world what Beeler is to the NAWCC Museum exhibit. Now to find 100 or so students...
  19. Tony Ambruso

    Ae Phonos/victrolas better than clocks?

    Familiar interface on that MB, Chris.
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