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    Heinz Jauch chimes and strikes are wrong

    WOW!! Thank you! It worked!!! It dings and chimes at all the appropriate places now! I took the advice of the person who moved the bushing before me and used small pliers. ( I didn't want to, but it worked) Now it's just a matter of watching it and adjusting the weight on the pendulum. And then...
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    Heinz Jauch chimes and strikes are wrong

    Are we absolutely sure the bushing will move? It looks as if someone tried to move it before (without success) and I am unable to budge it with a flathead. I will have to research those other tools to see if I have something similar, lol I moved the hand to the strikes and then reset the...
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    Heinz Jauch chimes and strikes are wrong

    I have recently inherited a Heinz Jauch 77 12 77 or 430540 Grandfather clock. The tension spring and pin fell out. We put it back in and now the clock ticks (seemingly ok- I am very new to this and don't have a clock ear) It is keeping close to correct time with the hands. However, the...
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