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    Other PW torch firing vitreous enamel dials?

    Ever so slightly off topic: apparently there are both vitreous enamel 'porcelain' dials, and actual porcelain 'porcelain' dials, made from porcelain clay, and fired without a metal backing:
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    Other PW torch firing vitreous enamel dials?

    Hi Topspy, thanks a lot. I was going to try a kitchen burner, not a real torch. Looks like one might have to build a little 'hut' (poor man's kiln) for that. I have the Klyr-fire, the sifter, the white enamel (two types, maybe one will work), plus some painting oil and black enamel powder...
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    Other PW torch firing vitreous enamel dials?

    Thanks for the replies! My samples from Thompson Enamel will arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I'll report back in a few days. Those microwave gizmos seem interesting, but I'm not sure they will work with a copper disk. First I'll see how difficult the firing is with a torch or gas burner.
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    Other PW torch firing vitreous enamel dials?

    I am interested in learning about members' experience with making vitreous enamel (porcelain) dials, by fusing enamel powders to a metal substrate. I know some jewelry is made using this method over an open flame (torch firing). Has anybody tried applying this to watch dials? Porcelain dials...
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    Hamilton plate alloys

    I think I have seen it mentioned that watch parts (bridges, plates) are rhodium plated. E.g. here .
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    Hamilton plate alloys

    It's been a while, but today I needed some material analysis done for a few items, and remembered to bring one of my Hamilton 917 movements with me. The metal contents of the base plate, measured with a handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer on the dial side is: Mn 0.30% Ni 18.7% Cu 61.3% Zn 18.9%...
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    Hamilton 992 - collecting - your input is wanted and needed

    Thanks for the interesting post, Larry!
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    removing a frozen screw when unable to use any chemicals

    You could also try setting the screw driver securely in the slot, and hitting it with a small metal hammer - since you already removed the balance. Superglue or epoxy doesn't sound bad either, if you can make sure that the head is clean, and that the glue doesn't get anywhere else. I've only...
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    Mechanical WW adjusting an automatic watch...amplitude goes up by winding the stem but so does rate

    Re: adjusting an automatic watch...amplitude goes up by winding the stem but so does I guess it's too late for the original poster (does this sound a bit morbid?), but maybe not too late to get the thread back on track: (over)banking does produce a very irregular timing signal, since there is...
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    power reserve calculator

    So for optimum power reserve I should put the thickest possible spring, and file a few teeth out of the center pinion? :-) :cuckoo:
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    Great movie

    I hope the DVD is better than that vimeo video. Why do they always need to compress the hell out of stuff, with blocks as big as my thumb on the screen?
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    The great 992B Challenge

    Sadly, I don't have a 992B (yet), but in reply to the last message: each day my computer clock is often one or even almost two seconds off when it gets resynchronized to the time server (according to the macbook system log).
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    New Edition of Daniels Watchmaking

    Didn't see your reply until now. The simple typos one can read around, but the lost parameters/equations are another issue. I doubt I'll get an answer from the publisher. Somebody should have proofread it while Daniels was alive. :( Since you apparently had no problems, would you mind posting...
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    Pocket to Wrist conversion case

    I have not converted a 12 size movement (but I think I have a fairly good overview of 10 size cases). That being said, I think some of the 47mm cases for Unitas/ETA 6497/6498 movements might be adaptable to 12 size. I know 44mm cases can be adapted for 10 size, by thinning the movement holder...
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    The Great Pocket Watch Challenge

    The Hamilton 917 is at -103 seconds this morning. It was losing 20 seconds per day for a few days.
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    Wrist watch accuracy challenge

    My ST16 is out, due to operator error. I must have inadvertently pulled on the crown when I wound it yesterday, stopped the watch and moved the minutes - the minute hand is half a minute off, relative to the second hand. Oh well.
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    Wrist watch accuracy challenge

    The ST16 has gained four seconds in three days.
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    The Great Pocket Watch Challenge

    sad news: the 917 started losing time a few days ago, and is now at -61 seconds.
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    Wrist watch accuracy challenge

    This morning my ST16 'Milsub' had gained a second.
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    Wrist watch accuracy challenge

    At 8:50 this morning, my Alpha USA 'Milsub' with Seagull ST16 movement is starting the 30 day challenge being 11 seconds ahead of atomic time. It will be dial up when I'm not wearing it, and it should have an average gain of two seconds per day.
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