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  1. K03045

    Cuckoo Goodwill find-Triberg Cuckoo Clock with wooden weights

    These clocks are only available in Germany, and each is one of a kind. I bought one while stationed in Germany. They were made from 1985 to about 1996 and are very valuable! Here you will find information on the German patent for them. DPMAregister | Registerauskunft des Deutschen Patent-und...
  2. K03045

    Waltham grade 620

    Here’s a picture of a Waltham 1908 I did a cleaning on a while back, notice the spacing and setting lever. These are pre cleaning pictures which I take at every step of the removal on unfamiliar watches!
  3. K03045

    Waltham grade 620

    Is it me or does his click lever not look right! That lever should be applying tension to the keyless works so it won’t jump. Something isn’t correct your keyless works is to spread out with no tension.
  4. K03045

    German Cuckoo Hönes Logo Question

    Thanks for the advice I will try to reach out to the manufacturer directly.
  5. K03045

    German Cuckoo Hönes Logo Question

    Does anyone know when Hönes cuckoo clocks started replacing12 o’clock with their company logo?
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