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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    You cant see it but there is a crystal on it.
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    Too many customer watches waiting.......
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    The hand looks great, Thank you, George!
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    I just bought this parts movement online at a low price. Serial number 1491. It's missing some parts, like the dial friction ring.
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    Howard-Keystone 12-size Watch Barrel Types

    The last one you asked about with the setting with two screws has a motor-barrel system. The barrel arbor is fixed to part of the barrel.
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    Understand, thanks
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    Lancaster Family Portrait

    I own all the watches in the picture except the Hamilton #1.
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    FYI - The silver color dial friction ring is soft and looks like nickel silver.
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    I just removed the dial for you, here are the pictures. Best Regards, Roland
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    Lancaster Family Portrait

    They don't get together often for family reunions!
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    Late but my watch 1338 is gilt.
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    Convention Snag

    Nice find, and nice meeting you in person.
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    Hamilton 987 balance jewels Found this, should help.
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    Jewelled 5th Pinion Model 3 Illinois Movements

    I just bought one with a jeweled 5th pinion, I will post a picture soon. Here’s the picture
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    Montgomery / Marginal Minute Dial Variations

    Fred, can i use this image? Best Roland
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    Great movie

    You can see the movie online here: Illinois Watch Company Govt Film 1922
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    American PW Elgin pocket watch balance problem.

    Jeff, If you want to come to Mount Joy for an Hour or Two we would be glad to show you how to change or re-shellac a roller jewel. Regards, Roland [email protected]
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    New ebay Scam?

    I always keep my Paypal account at zero and I pay with AMEX thru Paypal.
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    Can someone ID this movement?

    I was typing before thinking, of course it is a cylinder escapement. Duplex would have a pointed teeth on the escape wheel.
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    Pivot Rounding Tool

    I prefer the burnisher because it will polish and slightly harden the surface. A small amount of oil on the burnisher is recommended.
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