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  1. nawccmatt

    Painted pendulums?

    That link doesn't work anymore, the new link to that thread is: Painted Cast Iron Bob
  2. nawccmatt

    Painted Cast Iron Bob

    Here's the beautiful painted bob from my circa 1800 clock. The case is oak and I thought it was English but maybe it is actually a Scottish clock? The falseplate is engraved or stamped Osborne, which was a Birmingham painted dial maker.
  3. IMG_20230406_104417322.jpg


  4. 2023-09-02 004.JPG

    2023-09-02 004.JPG

  5. 2023-09-02 003.JPG

    2023-09-02 003.JPG

  6. nawccmatt

    ~1800 Oak Tallcase Clock, American or British?

    Good eye! I looked closer at the hood and there is some evidence that it may have been retrofitted to the rest of the case. I suspect mid-1900s when both were sloppily brushed with nitrocellulose lacquer that glows in UV light. On the other hand, the front of the hood, the dial, and the movement...
  7. 2023-09-02 osborne.JPG

    2023-09-02 osborne.JPG

  8. 2023-09-02 010.JPG

    2023-09-02 010.JPG

  9. 2023-09-02 004.JPG

    2023-09-02 004.JPG

  10. 2023-09-02 003.JPG

    2023-09-02 003.JPG

  11. nawccmatt

    ~1800 Oak Tallcase Clock, American or British?

    I'm working on this circa 1800 oak tallcase clock for my brother and identified the dial as English made (Osbourne), but the story from the seller was that the clock came from the eastern U.S. Since the dial could easily be imported, does the movement or case design suggest American or British...
  12. 2023-04-05 007.JPG

    2023-04-05 007.JPG

  13. 2023-04-05 006.JPG

    2023-04-05 006.JPG

  14. 2023-04-05 005.JPG

    2023-04-05 005.JPG

  15. 2023-05-29 001.JPG

    2023-05-29 001.JPG

  16. 2023-04-05 002.JPG

    2023-04-05 002.JPG

  17. IMG_20230406_104417322.jpg


  18. nawccmatt

    RSM Grandfather Clock

    I just started working on a Schnekenburger open well longcase clock that has a serial number only 2 more than the clock mentioned earlier in this thread. It's 95426__26 and it has a dial diameter (inside the bezel) of 10" (255mm). It's a very nice clock with a really well made movement and I...
  19. nawccmatt

    French Oeil de Boeuf wall clock, replace the clock face glass?

    I picked up this French Oeil de Boeuf clock recently and noticed the glass on the clock face is cracked (not the glass in the cover, but the glass under the clock hands). The cracks are not very prominent, so I wondered if it is better to leave the original glass in place or replace it with new...
  20. nawccmatt

    1918 Lenzkirch mantel clock. What pendulum bob should it have?

    I included a photo of the numbers. The number to the right looks like a 10 but could be a 40 that wasn't punched cleanly. I checked the mounting posts that hold the movement to the face and they look unmodified. However, it's possible that the movement and face were both moved to this case. I'll...
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