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    George J. Hoffmann Tower Clocks

    I believe you are referring to St. Boniface, In St. Louis. I purchased that clock from Robert Mazzocchio in 2014. unknown to me at the time, it had been stripped of it's verge, escape wheel, and winding drum. This was done to power the time train with a synchronized motor.Those parts were...
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    George J. Hoffmann Tower Clocks

    I believe that the clock in question is the clock I recently restored. The church was St Boniface, 1860 - 2005. This clock has raised letters on the top most casting that read: Made by Geo. J. Hoffmann. 2nd line: JUNE 1932 3rd line: St. Louis Mo. The Table bears a brass plaque. TOWER CLOCKS...
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    Ansonia Navy Clock

    I recently bought Ansoina's Navy clock. It looks original in all aspects. Mine has an eight day clock. There is a large winding knob on the back. The dial is paper. To change the time one must remove the front bezel and move the hands. Adjusting the speed is also done from the front. Best...
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