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    Illinois Model 1 4 size Hunting lever set

    Center wheel, cannon pinion and minute wheel needed. [email protected]
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    Puzzle: Why do I need to press down on barrel to get power?

    Is this a "T" end mainspring? The "t" not sticking out barrel top or bottom?
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    AS1023 Movement

    Barrel arbor, bestfit part #195/619 barrel arbor screw. 5415/336 Found in AS 1373, 1023, 1030, BENRUS AF, GP 66,68, WITTNAUER 6N7, 6W7
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    Tudor 390 Service and Winding Issue

    The reversers, that are part of the automatic system are likely 1 worn, 2 possibly mis-oiled causing them to bind when stem winding. They can bind to the point it's possible to snap the winding not force the winding. Through recleaning of the auto unit and proper maintenance of...
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    Am.waltham wandering minute jump hr. Pg 651 in 2013 guide to watches

    I'm looking for someone who may have a case, or would be willing to let me use their case for a mold ? [email protected] thank you!
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    Accutron 214 Second Hand "Freewheels" when setting the time.

    Hands move second hand does not, most likely the pivot on the sweep seconds pinion has ground itself off due to lack of lubrication. This will allow the pinion to drift away from the driving wheel to the sweep pinion and the sweep seconds hand will stop, while the watch continues to run. The...
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    Recommend a good Accutron 214 service tech?

    You'll need that movement holder and an Accutron Meter or citizens equivalent to properly phase the watch after cleaning.
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    Proper way to remove/ insert STEM of automatic movt (SW-200 similar ETA 2824)

    It's a mix of experience and what works best for each of you. I generally use the "black" or 1mm screwdriver blade in the detent release to remove the stem. I usually have luck putting the stem back in either way, but if your method has been failing you, try putting the watch into setting mode...
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    Accutron 214 Second Hand "Freewheels" when setting the time.

    Sounds like the cannon pinion has been tightened, or has been rotated and gaulded the inner surface of the cannon pinion effectively tightening it. No problem if you only set the hands FORWARD. And the hands spin. But if you set them backwards you'll be damaging the teeth on the index wheel...
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    Bulova 10BPAC problem

    You stated, when the crown is pulled out you can set the hands. When you push the crown back in and rotate the crown "clockwise" away from you, you should have resistance and the sound if the winding gears engaging. If there is no resistance while turning the crown, then the clutch lever...
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    Hairspring -2 tweezers twist method...?

    need extra tweezers "cheap" and good products ? try hit the "ALL DEPARTMENTS" center column go to Electrical & Tools click on tweezers these items ship from Hong Kong free with standard shipping. delivery time 3-4 weeks.
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    Mainspring OH-OH on Wittnauer

    Try to find a local with a winder for pocket watch springs, usually the springs for aircraft clocks are fairly wide, what's the width in mm. Hands winding will generally "cone" the spring a bit.
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    Re-Plating A Watch Case...

    Cal-Mart Plating Co. out of Los Angles is the best cost and quality and for additional charge they use to color match. Look them up on the web.
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    Gruen Air Flight Jump Problem

    Most of the time I find it is a dial issue. We all know what dial dots are, or dial"bars" Little adhesive dots or bar shaped (sticky) to a fix a dial when the feet are broken. In this case, you will NOT be removing the protective covering to make the dot or bar stick to the underside of...
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    Where to find Rolex cal 500 set bridge

    You could always make one, 445/607. Is the Bestfit number for the set bridge only in Rolex 500,510,520,530
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    Rolex Submariner bezel too loose

    This should have a one way bezel ? Only rotates counter,clockwise correct ? If it rotates both directions it's missing the bezel click spring. [email protected]
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    Venus 178 Fourth Wheel Neded

    Benrus be, kurth 31-061, Venus 152,178,183,184,###,186,187,189,190,191,205 All use the same. 4th wheel. Bestfit # 224/435
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    rolex 3185

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    Electric WW Bulova Accutron 218D slight center wheel slip

    When setting your watch to a approved time source, stop the second hand at the 12 marker, set the hands "past" the current time, then back the hands up setting your hands to the required time. As you turn the hands backwards to the current time, note, when you stop setting the hands if the...
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    Mechanical WW Private instruction -- mentored bench practice

    You are evidently computer literate, what about setting up a camera feed of your bench and using Skype or Tango, then have someone watching your every move and coaching you through ? Not quite like having someone looking over your shoulder.....but close .
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