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    Forestville OG - To Stain or Not to Stain

    Tom, That's an idea I hadn't considered...I must have been tired when I finished sanding! I'm going to think about that seriously. Anyone else have input? And thanks again Tom!
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    Forestville OG - To Stain or Not to Stain

    That is the question! The original finish on the clock (shellac) was one of two clocks I've had over 15 years of working that was SO BAD the finish had to be removed. The clock had spent 70+ years in a PA attic collecting...well, stuff...and with the summer temperatures, moisture, etc the...
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    Ingraham Liberty Question 1

    Jack, You were reading my mind. I have reposted these questions as you suggested!!
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    Ingraham Liberty Question 3 Gong

    I will try to remember to post the pictures with the original post this time! Anyway, the Ingraham Liberty I am restoring has a gong that looks like it was a replacement. The screws look "newer", and when I removed the gong for case restoration there was a central hole underneath it directly...
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    Ingraham Liberty Question 2

    Photos again!!!
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    Ingraham Liberty Question 2

    The Ingraham Liberty I am restoring appears to be different from many of the Liberty clocks I see on line. First of all the case is rounded in the back - not square. Second the base appears to be very plain and is not ornamented. There are some holes in the base next to the main clock body...
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    Ingraham Liberty Question 1 are the photos!
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    Ingraham Liberty Question 1

    I am beginning the restoration of an Igraham (Adams) Liberty clock (see photo). It is in rough shape. There are what appears to be the remains of a label in the bottom corner of the base (inside the pendulum compartment). It was clearly a very bright shade of green, and I can see a design on...
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    Phenolic WWII Navy Clock Case

    D, Thanks...that answers my question! Now I'll decide what to do. Probably will clean polish, and put the clock back in after it gets serviced! Regards!!!
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    Phenolic WWII Navy Clock Case

    I have a phenolic black wwii Navy clock case with an unusual (to me) problem. I will post a couple of photos here. The case is phenolic plastic. However, it has a "rash" that looks like rust. In spots, this looks like it may penetrate the surface, and may be a brown phenolic material? It...
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    Cuckoo Clock Front Veneer

    JTD and Burkhard, Much thanks for the advice. I will try to do a repair first as you have suggested!
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    Cuckoo Clock Front Veneer

    Hello, I have a cuckoo clock I recently bought on line that appears to have suffered water damage at some point. The veneer is lifted and bubbled on the cross hatched front part of the clock. I am enclosing two photos. Is there somewhere that this veneer can be obtained for replacement? If...
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    Wilhelm Jerger ALARM CLOCK wooden top restoration

    Pidragos, The "J' symbol on your clock is shown in the "Clock and Watch Trademark Index of European Origin", page 434 as belonging to the company of Maurer & Pfaff & Schlenker Uhrenfabrik. They were centered in Villingen, Germany, and this trademark was registered on 18 Sep 1901. I don't know...
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    Looking for the front door to Grandfather Clock.

    Tai-Keeper, Have you contacted Howard Miller? Even if the clock has been retired, they may still keep parts...or the parts may have continued to be used on a clock that has not been retired. It may look different, but still take the same door. If you have not contacted them, its worth a...
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    Ansonia Decorated Side Panels

    Hello! I have an Ansonia Berlin which has two painted decorative side panels. The clock was in very bad shape when purchased. I started to clean one side panel with Behlen's Polishing compound and it removed a tremendous amount of dirt, nicotine, soot, etc. and I can now see the painted...
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    Powder Coating

    I have an Ansonia "Berlin" iron case clock that is in fair condition, but I am thinking about having it redone. I'm thinking about powder coating, but I have never used this service before, My question is, "Is it better to strip the clock myself and sand any rust from the case, and finish with...
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    Early American Longcase Repair

    Thanks to all who responded! :) I glued the original board as suggested, and got excellent results. I was skeptical, but the board seems as strong now as it ever was...probably stronger! I'll put the clock back together tomorrow. I'm still mulling over using the original hardware vs...
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    Early American Longcase Repair

    Joe, I appreciate the advice. I glued the board a little while ago and will see how it set up tomorrow...I may wait until Tuesday to ensure a good set. Anyone else out there have an opinion? Bill
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    Early American Longcase Repair

    This is a question for Tom Spittler or others who might have expertise in historical clock repair. I am working on a very historical longcase clock. One of the pulleys recently came apart, dropping a very heavy weight through the bottom of the clock...mercifully missing the sides and all...
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    Revere Telechron Case: Lacquered? Best cleaning method?

    I have recently used a product sold through either Timesavers or Merritts called "Black Wax". It's a wax with a mild abrasive in it. I used it to clean a tall case clock that made the word filthy almost obsolete! :o It gave me good results. I followed this with Red Mahogany tinted Briwax...
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