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    Repair New Haven Small Movement

    Hi All, Picked up a pretty porcelain/ceramic wall clock with a small New Haven movement, which does not run. It is the exact same movement in this thread: Model name and date for New Haven porcelain clock Was scouring this forum, youtube, etc., hoping find any info on troubleshooting. I...
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    Hamburg American Delft Clock

    The only other mark is on the back; upper right, which is the manufacturer's stamp. I don't have a clear pic of that, but read it under magnifying glass (Hamburg Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik...). Kelly
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    Hamburg American Delft Clock

    Looks like '729' to me.
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    Hamburg American Delft Clock

    Thanks for the feedback! Not using a pendulum at the moment, it's just running very fast without it. Attached are a few pics I took for reassembly assist (before cleaning). Kelly
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    Hamburg American Delft Clock

    I took a break over summer - outdoor things/projects to attend to, so have not been online much. It's a great forum and will be catching up once the snow starts flying (which could be any day where I live!). Anyway, thought this was an unusual color/pattern from the more common...
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    Help Reassembling Keebler Lux Novelty Clock

    Thank you both so much! That's exactly where it goes! re the other part, I think that skill set level is currently beyond me. Thanks again! This post can be marked solved (but not sure if I can do it...) Kelly
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    Help Reassembling Keebler Lux Novelty Clock

    Hello! When disassembling a Keebler Lux clock for cleaning, the zip tie I had around the spring was not sufficient for the job and it flew apart before I could take pics for reassembly. Most of it is quite intuitive, except for this mini gear. I've searched for info, but no luck. Anyone...
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    Clock Help Keebler Lux Part Wanted

    Hello! As I just mentioned in my intro, I broke a pivot off of this part when reassembling a Keebler Lux novelty clock. This clock has a red bird that bobs front to back (rather than side to side) and this part appears to drive both, the pendulum and the bobbing action. Anyone have one...
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    Hello from NE WYO! I've been lurking/learning here for almost a year and thought I'd finally introduce myself before I start asking questions. Very new to this hobby of repairs and have learned a LOT here (and on youtube), for which I am grateful. When you live in a very remote area, you have...
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    Share your advertising clocks.

    Hi Everyone! I'm very new here and just getting into collecting and repairing. Although I come from a long line of clock collectors/tinkerers, I only had one until recently. Love this thread as my current obsession is mini advertising clocks. So far, I have these three. Looking forward to...
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