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    Elgin 16 sz with winding indicator.

    I’ve collected pocket watches for 25 years and I’m still not an expert, but I can tell you for every one Elgin WI, I see I’ll see 15 Waltham WI.
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    Remington Watch Company

    If I remember correctly the 18sz Illinois Remington movements were cased in cases marked “Bell”.
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    Hamilton 3992B

    Robert, I have to apologize I mixed up a couple of my 3992B’s in my head,the Canadian one I spoke of does have the 24hr chapter..... I put the blame for this error squarely on getting old....... again my apologies
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    Hamilton 3992B

    Robert, not sure if it matters but I have a Canadian 3992b with excellent provenance that has the dial shown in your picture minus the 24 hour numbers
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    Hamilton 3992B

    Don’t forget about the few made for the Canadian military..
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    Selling high end wrist watches

    if a person wanted to sell say a high-end chronograph are there any websites online that do such a thing assuming a person hated eBay ........?
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    Pocket watch storage

    Dewey, my gun safe cost $4000 dollars it was the best I could afford at the time, the fire rating is more than enough for the house I live in, but that being said I take your point on safes, I’ve studied mine and figure it would take me about 20 minutes (with the right tools) to gain entry. I’m...
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    Pocket watch storage

    For those of you that keep your watches at home vs in a safe deposit box, how do you do it? I have a 2000 pound gun safe with about 800 pounds of stuff in it, bolted to the wall, is that enough? Also what about storage, I have the cases off of eBay with pocket watch cut outs in it but the...
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    KY Railway Museum, Ball “999”!

    Where was the flight deck on those old Iowa class battleships?
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    Is bargain hunting online devaluing American pocket watches?

    As we move away from watches towards technology, (phones) watches are devalued As we move away from physical money towards technology, (debit cards) coins are devalued. I think I see a trend is the true evil. The only question is.......what’s next.
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    family members who worked for a railroad

    My grandmother was in the first class of women hired by the seattle bus system just after the start of world war 2, prior to this bus drivers were men. any how on the first day the were told to purchase a pocket watch for time keeping on there routes, and were given money to do so, she purchased...
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    Sorry for the delay, do you have 2649091?
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    Is anyone keeping track of Hamilton 950E serial numbers?
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    Meylan Decimal Stopwatch

    I have a decimal 18sz waltham vanguard 23J with a dial that looks very much like that one, 100 minute hours and 100 second minutes
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    waltham 1883

    wow.... are these that rare?
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    waltham 1883

    what were the 18 and 19th jewel for on the 19 jewel 1883 model barrel or caps maybe? does anyone have a picture of one?
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    Hamilton 940 Dial options on Late runs

    Well I have one serial# 1448003 and I know of another serial# 1447671 if anyone has any others maybe we could nail this “marking” down?
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    Hamilton 940 Dial options on Late runs

    Terry, how uncommon is the MIUSA marking?
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Does anyone know where I can get parts for a set Thomas ships o’clock specifically the coarsair movement ? I need a balance wheel complete.... I would buy the entire escarpment if someone had one to sell..
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    Hamilton question

    Does anyone know if Hamilton 940 and 941 Dials are interchangeable? Thanx

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