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  1. Aaron B

    loud strike train + squeaky escape wheel

    I am soon going to be building a clock and I bought a movement for it. It is a cheap replica 8 day movement. The quality isn't that of a German movement by any means whatsoever. Unfortunately, when the clock strikes, you can barely hear the gong under the loud whirring of the strike mechanism...
  2. Aaron B

    Custom-made Arbor?

    The strike arbor (the part the hammer connects to, not the strike train winding arbor) on one of my movements broke in half while I was re-inserting the strike hammer rod. The arbor is 1 1/16 inches long and I can't find anywhere that sells a replacement that is that size. Do I need a custom...
  3. Aaron B

    How to flatten wire?

    I am fixing a broken strike hammer on my Badische clock movement and I would like to know how to flatten wire. The wire bits mounted in the arbor appear to have been flattened somehow and friction fit into the arbor. I am trying to make the repair as close to the original as possible, so I would...
  4. Aaron B

    Solved Ingraham Strike Hammer Missing Leather Tip

    My ingraham clock is missing the leather tip on the strike hammer, I want to replace it, but I can’t remove the hammer as it is attached to the lever. Should I just replace the hammer altogether?
  5. Aaron B

    Ingraham “Thorn” Mantle Clock

    I just picked up this lovely little Ingraham Mantle clock from around 1885. It’s in great condition and works like a charm!
  6. Aaron B

    Help How to remove Ingraham Suspension Spring?

    I recently bought a ca. 1885 Ingraham Mantle clock and the suspension spring is broken. I want to replace it, but I'm not sure how to remove it. EDIT: I removed it.
  7. Aaron B

    Need help with strike hammer issue

    The strike hammer on my Badische movement broke off. Can I solder it back on?There’s a little spring on it as well so how would I solder around it? The hammer is shown in the second and third picture can this be repaired?
  8. Aaron B

    German Need more info about Badische #11 Movement

    I recently purchased a nice working Badische #11 Movement. Has anyone heard of this movement number? I can't find anything on the internet. I believe it is a 30 hour movement but I have only run it for a few hours so I'm not sure. It is also really small, about 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall...
  9. Aaron B

    Solved Badische Clock Movement Keeps Stopping

    I recently purchased a nice little Badische #11 clock movement in good working condition. It runs flawlessly for a little bit and then gradually stops, even when I have it fully wound. I noticed that the pendulum suspension spring is slightly bent. Does it need to be replaced? How can I get it...

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