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    Murray Clock Pendulum

    Does any one have a picture of a Murray 3 mercury jar clock pendulum??
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    Pendulum bob repair

    I have a pinwheel regulator with a very dented big pendulum bob can these be restored
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Does any one know what application this movement that is shown at the web site that Seth thomas would have used this movement. It is a seconds beat, I have looked in the seth thomas identification book and found no clocks shown with a wind and 60 second beat Whats up?? leeclock 006
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    IBM electric motor

    I saw a picture of an IBM master clock that was fitted with a techron electric motor where the coilc would be. Does this motor wind the mainspring and how
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    Seth Thomas NO. 2 Regulator plate numbers

    I am looking at a Seth thomas No. 2 regulator that has the number 77 then under that 4515 It has the typical ST in the diamond my question is is this a reproduction model or an original also the front door panel is just a plain frame with no inside design around the glass is that original
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    I have a tandum wind watch with a mustache pallet. Does this mean that it could be a Padek watch or another maker
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    1/4 repeater

    has any one heard of Wonderwerk 1/4 repeater pocket watch and are they of any quality
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    24 hour canadian dials

    what is the earliest year for a Canadian dial on a Waltham pocket watch and are all 24 hour dials Canadian??
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    American PW keystone 18 sz watch

    I am trying to repair an 18 sz 11 jewel Keystone pocket watch balance staff. does anyone know if these staffs are available or if there is a replacement from another manufacturer??
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    new haven pocket watch dial are these dials really rare I have never seen one before and the guide book says that the watches are a five star watch and are rare??
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    Acid etched Us waltham pocket watch

    Is there such a thing as acid etched movements made ny US watch co?? There is one on Ebay that I am interested in and is serial number 400,954 real old
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    watch cleaning as a professional

    This question problably has been asked before but I would like an expressed opinion of this delema....I have been cleaning watches as a hobby and am now considering doing some part time repair work when I retire. In cleaning a watch how far does one go??? I usually do a complete dismantle...
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    American PW what kind of staff do I have???

    I am working on a vanguard Waltham wind indicator movement 16 size serial number 22053640 double roller with a broken staff The part numbers for that model 1908 don't match up with the staff I have. I looked at all my staffs and none of them match the one that was in the watch What the heck is...
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    Vienna regulator movement

    I recently purchased a vienna regulator movement and would like to know is there anyway to identify the maker It is a two weight mocement with seconds hand. The only numbers on the movement are 154057 Has a adjustable pallet
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    replacement pinions

    are the 992 series Hamilton watch pinions for the escape wheel interchangeable with the 990 series Hamilton escape wheel??
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    Pivots why???

    Why are some of the 16 size model 990, 992 etc Hamilton's have conical pivots for the escape wheel. I understand why they are on the balance staff for strength and because of the mass but why on the escape wheel??
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    International master clock

    I have an International master clock that I think may have been modified for some reason. my question... what is the distance between the arbor of the pallet to the fork to where the pendulum rod sits in??
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    American PW What kind of waltham do I have??

    American waltham park road 16 sz 15 jewel serial number 625808. the watch is in a 18k case with pin set stem wind. Is this a fake swiss or is it real I could not find anything saying that this watch is pin set any ideas??the watch inscription says american watch co park road waltham mass patent...
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    what exactly is blue steel wire

    I recently purchased steel rods but when I cherry red and quenched them they still bent like it was soft steel Where can you get the right kind of steel rod besides the blue steel pinion wire??? What is the make up of this kind of steel???
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    Modified cam on Standard electric Master clock

    The cam that sends the inpluse every minute to the slaves is half missing it runs off the thrid wheel with another gear that suppose to send out two impluses every one rotation, which is two minutes. Someone for some reason filed off one cam and only one lift is present. Is there anyone...

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