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    *Stolen* Gold pair cased verge by Daniel Quare, No. 2025

    Hello Pete who runs the website Cogs & Pieces ( has had a watch stolen whilst in transit with UPS in the last week or so. He believes the watch was stolen from the UPS warehouse in Castle Donnington (UK). The watch was stolen whilst in transit with UPS between Denmark and...
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    Liverpool Massey Type II - Help Identifying Maker?

    Hi I have just serviced this Massey type ii lever movement. Can anyone tell me the makers name? I cannot make it out. It is No.543. The case hallmark dates it to 1826. It seems to be of excellent quality. Also unusual that the plates are held together with screws that go into the pillars...
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    Newsome & Co Kew Karrusel 18ct Pocket Wath 1895

    Hi I've had this watch for a while and never had it valued, I bought it a few years ago mainly for the interesting Karrusel / Carousel (?). I have no real desire to sell it, I'm just curious as to its value and any more information as this type of watch is by no means my area of expertise...
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    Anderton Eberhardt & Co 14K Full Hunter

    Hi I posted this a couple of days ago in an American thread with no luck - please remove if I am not allowed to post it twice. Can anyone identify the maker of this movement? It's Swiss and made and retailed for the American market by Anderton Eberhardt & Co, Dayton O (Ohio). I've had it for...
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    English Verge / Fusee Watch Papers & Samplers

    Hi I am fairly new here and couldn't find a thread relating to the service papers or keepsakes that are often found in the back of English pair cased watches. If there is a thread somewhere, can someone point me in the right direction? I have amassed a collection of these over the past few...
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    C.Cooper Sidereal Time Pocket Watch - Swiss Made

    Hi I have an interesting silver pocket watch that tells Sidereal time and I was hoping someone can help identify the movement maker? The dial and movement are both signed "C.Cooper 93 Hatton Garden London, Swiss Made". I assume Cooper is the retailer as I can't find any information about him...
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    Help identifying maker - 14k Full Hunter retailed by Benedict Brothers, New York

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me identify the maker of this Swiss movement? It's a 14k full hunter case, retailed by Benedict Brothers, New York. Serial number 241525. See pictures attached. Many thanks in advance Ben
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    Swiss Made Full Hunter Lever, Chronometer or not?

    Hi I was hoping someone can help me with some more information on this Swiss pocket watch? Its a silver full hunter with some info on the inner cover (see pic). The movement looks of decent quality to me but I know very little about Swiss pocket watches. My question is, is this just a...
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    Full Hunter ‘La Positive’ Prima Swiss Made Chicken Depose

    Hi I have a silver full hunter pocket watch with the name La Positive Prima on the dial and case. The movement is unsigned but under the dial it has what appears to be a chicken and the word Depose. Has anyone seen this before? Any information about the movement and/or maker would be...
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    Pocket: Girard Perregaux detent chronometer with spherical balance spring and a Houriet style thermometer

    Hi Im new to here, so please advise if Ive done anything wrong. Id like some more information on this chronometer. I believe it to be a detent chronometer by Girard-Perregaux but whats interesting is the spherical hairspring and thermometer dial. Its in a brass case and wooden box (probably...

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