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  1. glenhead

    Franck Muller Crazy Hours -- Replica ?

    Yup, it's a really cheap Chinese fake. The movements are available if you search for what the watch is called. DAMHIK. Glen
  2. glenhead

    What is good for rinsing clock movement parts?

    I clean, then rinse in hot water, then drop in a bowl of denatured alcohol, then either use an air compressor or hair dryer to blow off the alcohol. The only purpose for the alcohol-rinse step is to completely absorb the water into a medium that the moving air will evaporate more quickly. If...
  3. glenhead

    How Do You Reduce Backlash (end play / slop) for the "Y" Axis of a Sherline Metric Lathe?

    The short answer to your question is "you don't without adding a gizmo". For any lathe or mill most people learn what backlash is and how to work around it. Even with a gizmo you'll have to work around some backlash. Sherline specs are for 0.08-0.13mm of backlash. (You slipped a decimal...
  4. glenhead

    Best Moebius lubes for 992B

    Esslinger has several charts for Moebius lubricants. Google is your friend. To answer your question, what you've proposed will be fine. Others might quibble about this or that here or there, but the truth is that it will be fine. Yes, the setting, minute, and hour wheels should be...
  5. glenhead

    Gold plating repair?

    I used RePLATEit to recondition and replate a Benrus case in early 2015 and posted the results in this thread: Replating a Benrus link I won't repeat what I said in the thread, other than to repeat that Peter at RePLATEit does spectacular work. If you want to have a case replated, give him a...
  6. glenhead

    Stamp on pocket watch movement

    I'll give you the basics and let you Google the rest. That says "FE", for France Ebauche. "Ebauche" is the term for the basic movement of the watch. It's going to be a 233.xx, made by Cupillard. Given the machine-turning, the adjustable stud, and the Incabloc shock absorber, it looks like...
  7. glenhead

    Let the sun shine

    I can charge my Volt on my Level 2 charger while our 5-ton AC runs and watch the meter run backwards. I just went outside and checked it to make sure it would still do that, and yeah, it does. Except when a cloud gets in the way - a wispy cirrus patch clipped the sun and dropped the output by...
  8. glenhead

    Let the sun shine

    We're looking at a payback of just under eight years on ours. We have a 15kW system that's been in for four years next month. We've generated 58.41MWh in that time. Annual electricity bills run a smidgen over $200, about what it was for a month pre-solar. All heating-type things we have are...
  9. glenhead

    help ID an ETA movement

    It's a 2801-2. Glen
  10. glenhead

    Is this repairable?

    It's WAY easier to just swap the movement. Esslinger has them for $16 plus shipping. While it is possible to disassemble and repair/overhaul that kind of quartz movement they're not really made to be worked on. They're made to be changed out and thrown away. If you don't have the tools or...
  11. glenhead

    A question about pin set watches

    Yes, pins can get sticky, and so can the mechanisms they operate. Maybe you have loosened it now that it has worked once. You can try pressing and releasing the pin a few times to see if it just needs its lubricant spread around. Good luck! Glen
  12. glenhead

    ESEMBL-O-GRAPF Resource

    Sent you a PM.
  13. glenhead

    ESEMBL-O-GRAPF Resource

    I looked at the receipt for when I got mine three years ago, and the eBay seller doesn't exist anymore. Good luck. Glen
  14. glenhead

    Sources for tool steel to make cutters for cutting gears.

    I use W1 for anything I need to harden. It's not quite as hardenable as W2 (Rockwell C56 for W1 vs C67 for W2) but that means it's tougher so your edges last longer. It's also way easier to find in smaller pieces. In 1/4" square stock there's also air-hardening A2 that's rated at C64; I've...
  15. glenhead

    Got My Covid Vaccination on Monday

    (Another TL/DR, sorry.) It doesn't lose its effectiveness per se. Getting the second shot within the window stimulates another heavy response from the immune system while the body is still incorporating the first shot. The first shot makes the body say "Hey! I need to fight this!", and the...
  16. glenhead

    How do you make new brass springs?

    Get a couple of rolls of brass spring wire. Otto Frei has three different gauges: Brass spring wire It's made from harder brass that's drawn out and then not annealed, so it holds a good spring action. I have the two lighter ones, 26 and 24 gauge. So far they've done the trick without going...
  17. glenhead

    Zodiac 605

    Good grief, that does say 12S, not 128. My bad. That's a 12 ligne movement, sometimes shown as 12''' (that's with three apostrophes). That's the diameter of the movement. An S for the movement size (common in American pocket watches) is a different measure. 12''' = 4/0S = 27.07mm = 1.07...
  18. glenhead

    Zodiac 605

    Yup, the base movement is an ETA 1100. One of my customers has one of these. His says "1100" in the rectangle; other than that the movements are the same. All the calendar functions are stacked on top of the 1100 movement in the module you can see in the bottom picture of the link that Dave...
  19. glenhead

    Help Chronograph Case for Landeron 48

    Yeah, good luck with that. There's not a snowball's chance you'll get a case without lots of patience and eBay searching. I've overhauled four watches with these wonderful movements, and they were all in high-end heavy gold cases. If you have a movement without a case that means you got the...
  20. glenhead

    Refreshing Old Springs

    Umm, yes, it would be possible, but... First off, you wouldn't want to do this with the spring wound tightly. The purpose of the spring is to UNwind and deliver power to the train. You'd have to do the heat treatment with the spring relaxed. If it's set you'll want to work it to relax it...

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