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  1. proto57

    How close is the Asian 7750 clone?

    I'm working on an "homage" to the Panerai Submersible 44mm PAM00025. It is actually surprisingly close to the real thing, and very well put together. The version it is copying is this: Panerai Luminor Submersible 44mm Mens Watch PAM025 PAM00025 The copy even has the "hobnail dial". In any...
  2. proto57

    Tissot T-Touch Classic- resistor detached?

    I was writing on another thread about this Tissot T-Touch Classic T083420A Tide/Alarm/Compass watch I bought on eBay. Now I think I discovered why it does not work. I thought this may be of interest... especially if it turns out I can fix it. The watch has an ETA E49.301 movement. This has dual...
  3. proto57

    Tissot T-Touch Tide: Missing Module?

    I took a chance on this Tissot T-Touch "Classic T083420A Tide/Alarm/Compass" on Ebay. It was sold as "non-working", but hoped I may be able to fix it. Of course that is a gamble, but I've had very good luck with various quartz watches... most needing a reset or jump start and so on. Anyway, on...
  4. proto57

    L&R Master Watch Machine Wiring- unique case?

    I had been looking around for a wiring diagram for my L&R Master Watch Cleaning machine, and found the ones here at the NAWCC. One is posted in this thread: Electric WW - L & R Master Watch Cleaner Manual Needed And a picture of the wiring, and other stuff, is posted in this thread: L&R Master...
  5. proto57

    Electric WW My first watch case plating job...

    I always wanted to do my own plating, but needed to keep the scale small, and the chemicals used of low enough toxicity that I did not endanger myself or the area around me. For these reasons I stayed away from gold, silver, and chrome plating. Luckily I found that nickel plating is simple...
  6. proto57

    Authentic WWI Waltham Trench Watch

    I think this is one of the Waltham trench watches which was actually converted by a jeweler, by soldering lugs on, as opposed to the ones made by Waltham as production watches. I think the movement dates to 1907, from the serial number of 20406185. Please correct me on that, if I looked it up...
  7. proto57

    Soviet Russian Zaria, or Zarya

    I first thought this 21 jewel, 60's or 70's Zaria (ЗАРЯ in Cyrillic) was hideous, but it grew on me. A really gaudy thing... but I like it enough now to spend some time on it. I'm going to service it, and polish it up. But the thing which confuses me is the metal it is made of. I first...
  8. proto57

    Electric WW Are there fake Ronda quartz movements out there?

    Or am I just unlucky? I replaced a Ronda 315 with a 515 in my Swiss Army watch. I got the movement from a Middle Eastern supplier, and it was very inexpensive. The first one I got did not work at all. The second one I got stopped after only a few months. So I just bought a new 515 from an...
  9. proto57

    Two Interesting Watches: Cattin and Rytime

    I say "interesting", because they are to me. I suppose those more experienced in collecting and watchmaking see many oddities of all kinds, but in the time I've been really looking and working on watches... only a few years... I have not seen anything quite like this. And I group them...
  10. proto57

    Mechanical WW Broken Lug Ideas?

    One lug on my Grandmother's Ernest Borel Cocktail watch is broken off. I was a jeweler for years, and know there is no way to solder this back on... both because it is a base metal case, and even if it was not, it would of course destroy the plating around the solder area. Well it looks...
  11. proto57

    Click Spring Woes: INT 7528

    I thought I was so smart buying an assortment of click springs recently... the flat type, which are often broken. Now I came across this type, in an INT caliber 7528 movement. It relies on it's unique shape at the base, which locks it into the movement. The tail then turns upward, as usual, to...
  12. proto57

    Setting Date on a Dolmy/Lucerne Movement

    I just got one of those cheap, 70's, single jeweled, pin movements in a Lucerne watch. 99 cents, just for the fun of it, to play around. But I'm already stumped... It seems that there are only two positions for the crown: Wind, and time setting... no third for the day and date. I do note that...
  13. proto57

    I think gold prices killed this one...

    Here is a sad case... I think that the seller is selling the movement right out of this 1930's Geneva Sport Chronograph, although he shows it in the watch. I'll bet he figures he can get more for the weight of the gold, and the movement, separately: (I removed the link until the auction is over).
  14. proto57

    Nice Pair of Swiss Army Watches

    My wife bought the lady's Swiss Army watch on the left back in the mid to late 80's. It is a really nice quality, above the average I think for this brand. The case seems to be a nickel silver, with nice lugs. Late last year I was surprised to find a Swiss Army men's watch, very close to the...
  15. proto57

    Ingraham Jewelery Store Clock Project

    My father had this clock for years. He got it without a movement, so he took the dial out and put in a quartz works and face, and had it in his kitchen for years. Last month he gave it to me... and the dial and the hour hand. I bought a movement, pendulum bob and hook, and paper face for it...
  16. proto57

    Looking for Seth Thomas Cincinnati Glass Art

    Harold was very helpful in identifying my clock: It seems several different patterns were used on the Cincinnati tablets by ST. But if possible, I would like to track down the original glass art for this clock. I've scanned what is left of it: It...
  17. proto57

    Christmas Seth Thomas (needs some TLC)

    I was lucky to get this really nice Seth Thomas 8 day clock from my dad this Christmas. I love the look of it, the proportions and contrasting painted and varnished wood. The clock was completely in pieces... I only have it temporarily together to check everything out. But all the moldings and...
  18. proto57

    What is this? Is this a Junghans?

    I posted the below message on the Junghans thread, but since I can't really say it is a Junghans for certain, I thought I would post it here: I've been trying to track down and identify a clock which was in the family for years, until being sold sometime in the early 90's at a church tag sale...
  19. proto57

    Joshua Slocum's "Chronometer"

    Years ago... over ten I think... someone on the NAWCC BB helped me identify an E.N. Welch Carriage clock from a line drawing I made. I'm sorry I've lost the name of the person... many hard drives ago! I think it was Dave? I also lost my original line drawing... below is the engraving from...
  20. proto57

    Cracked Base advice?

    I rescued my grandmother's Kern & Sohne anniversary clock from eBay years ago, and finally got around to restoring it. It had sat in a damp basement during the 70's, so it was corroded and tarnished. I carefully polished the brass parts, and re-lacquered it. Of course it needed a new torsion...

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