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    My first Long Case clock

    Looking at the leader and crutch, it looks like you could use a slightly longer suspension spring. If you don't have enough adjustment with the nut at the bottom, you can try a longer suspension spring. It is not 1 for 1. Longer than you'd think is better, so long as the crutch pin doesn't touch...
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    I need 2

    I have a european pine tree in my front yard. It makes nice looking cones that could be used to mold some nice weights from. Tinker Dwight
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    1 second Regulator- state of play

    :smile: Tinker Dwight
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    Seth Thomas 124 Chime Stalling

    The one famous issue with these is the missing washers on the spring barrel plate. Some of the newer ones shouldn't need them so make sure that the plates are parallel. It is even possible that someone put washers on one that isn't suppose to have them. Tinker Dwight
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    My first Long Case clock

    If your time measurement is accurate, the pendulum would need to be 1.78 times longer. I find that unlikely. I assume your measurement is from the bob to about the center of the suspension spring. There may be issues with the escapement wheel skipping teeth from damage or wear. The movement is...
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    Repair or Replace Grandfather Clock Movement

    If the movement has plated pivots, it is generally recommended to replace the movement. Once the plating has begins to fail, there is no economical method of repair. Not saying it can't be done, just that it can cost more than the movement is worth. Tinker Dwight
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    German Round Top GF Clock

    The minute arbor also turns the star cam for the chime/strike. The additional friction may be enough to make the clutch slip. Make sure the lifting piece doesn't have excess friction. When setting the time, there should be a noticeable force to move the hands. Too little friction may be an issue...
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    My first Long Case clock

    I don't believe I've ever seen a two piece leader. It looks like an attempt to make it longer that didn't work. The pendulum is likely from another clock. I see in the picture, it looks like the crutch pin is at the top of the slot of the leader. Your picture doesn't show the suspension spring...
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    Seth Thomas 48N making me crazy - stops after 4 days, help!

    Recoils are more forgiving of loose verge pivots but deadbeats need close tolerances. Tinker Dwight
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    Quail Cuckoo Help

    I believe that the count lever should be adjusted such that there is only a slight drop into the maintenance cam. It should have a small amount of drop but only a small amount. This is controlled by how far the count lever is held off the count wheel. As you can see, you also need to adjust the...
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    Quail Cuckoo Help

    There may be other problems but the end of the count lever must go cleanly into the slot on the count wheel. It looks to be off center in the picture. If it touches, even a tiny bit, it will skip. It also looks like there is a helper spring but it looks to be unattached. The angle isn't good...
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    Seth Thomas 48N making me crazy - stops after 4 days, help!

    First thing to do is to mark the wheels location with a sharpie each time it stops. I don't think it will show anything but you never know, it might be a bur on a tooth. What I think it is is the spring. Layers are sticking together. Next time you wind, let it down one turn. See if that makes a...
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    Herschede information

    Is this a 2 weight or 3 weight movement. There are probably only about 5 places in the US that are qualified to work on the two weight movements. I've only seen pictures of the 2 weight but I've seen enough post on them to know they are special to work on. Even for a 3 weight movement, I'd want...
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    I'm a bit over my head on this one!

    I expect someone might have used 50VAC to drive the coil without a rectifier. The only issue I see with this is that without a peak switching circuit, the first cycles current can be quite high. If it saturates the cores of the magnets, it will cause a very high current to flow, doing...
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    I'm a bit over my head on this one!

    I'm with John in that I find it unusual that it used an AC source to power the coil. I suppose it would work but more likely to burn the contacts faster. The alignment is off. It may be the the coils mount is upside down. With the A shaped frame and the screw holes aligned to the frame, the end...
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    A cool movement in a WW2 Japanese Navy Seikosha Deck Clock

    I don't think they made cheap stuff during WWII. It was after the war that there was a flood of junk. Tinker Dwight
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    Water Damage

    As soon as possible, get the movement out of the case. Hose it off. Put in in a bucket of car anti-freeze. Later on, one can then deal with the cleaning. The case is another story. I don't think anit-freeze will do much for the finish or the case. Tinker Dwight
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    Pictures of Moon Dials

    These were war ships. Colors were no indication of being medical ships. If they were, there'd have been a Red Cross painted clearly on them. Such ships were the pride of the Germans. Many had relatives that served on these ships. Tinker Dwight
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    Pendulum swing

    Being in beat is a function of the movement and not the case or the bear scale. When most of us repair clocks, we try to closely adjust the beat of the movement to the level case. In many cases, to move the beat scale would damage the case. You can do what yo think it needs. Tinker Dwight
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    Rauland system 21

    If there is a document describing what is the protocol, it can be replaced with something like an arduino but without the information it is almost impossible. If the clock has a uP in it and the code is accessible in an EPROM, one can figure out the protocol. Otherwise you are out of luck...

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