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  1. Sooth

    David Dutton just acquired

    Yup that is correct. They often have only 3 pins (none at upper left one due to levers - depends where they're located). I suspect the top on this clock had been replaced.
  2. Sooth

    Stripping Cases VS Careful Cleaning

    The Wadworth is one of my favourite pieces. The movement was in superb shape and runs perfectly.
  3. Sooth

    latest craigslist fusee... comments? thoughts?

    A very nice find. I especially like the hands.
  4. Sooth

    Boardman & Wells timing

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean. When it comes to mechanical clocks of this type, generally nothing on the time side (right hand side) matters for the locations/orientations of the wheels so long as they're in the correct spots and the right way "up". The strike side on the left, however, does...
  5. Sooth

    Stripping Cases VS Careful Cleaning

    I would like to add an example of what can be achieved with careful cleaning, rubbing out of the remaining finish and light re-coating in fresh shellac. This is a rather scarce Wadworth, Lounsbury & Turners pillar and scroll (donated to me by Jim). It was in a condition that I'd consider to be...
  6. Sooth

    clock Dial resilvering,

    It's generally unwise to say yes "all" of them were, because there are always exceptions, but let's say 99.99% were silvered.
  7. Sooth

    Clockmakers Hall of Shame

    Is that.... leather?
  8. Sooth

    Lead weights for Charles Stratton wood works clock

    Having looked at all my source photos of Charles Stratton clocks, I feel like I agree with Rob's (RM) suspicions about the columns and splat. A lot of Charles Stratton's clocks tend to have no turnings, but a lot of slopes, wedges, or triangular columns (primarily flat/veneered stock). I also...
  9. Sooth

    Need some help with clock mechanics

    Bexar, As far as I'm aware, it doesn't really matter. If you have seen a number of clocks or movements, you will note countless different arrangements (both with wooden works and brass or steel movements). Some pendulums hang off a suspension point that is off centre from the hand shaft (either...
  10. Sooth

    Clicks for a John Hunt

    These would be quite easy to fabricate. The wood is normally cherry. The rough blanks would need to be thinned to the right thickness then the small pieces for the clicks cut out. The small registration grooves could be simply made with a file. The pivot is usually a mild steel nail with the...
  11. Sooth

    Boardman and Wells repair or restore

    Generally the lighter the weight, the less wear to the movement and gears. If it runs fine on 2.7lbs then that's fine to use. 3lbs is not much of a weight increase (1/2lb). These clocks can run on as much as about 4lbs but I wouldn't use more than that.
  12. Sooth

    Boardman and Wells repair or restore

    Well, it's definitely out of beat (not level, or rather, if the clock is indeed already on a level surface, then the crutch wire will need to be adjusted to the left or right slightly). The tick and tock need to be evenly spaced. The verge appears to be a replacement (maybe) and the amount of...
  13. Sooth

    Best stripper to use for kitchen clock?

    I would not recommend that it be done indoors or without plenty of ventilation. It tends to work better in decent heat as well.
  14. Sooth

    biedermeier Vienna regulator

    To add to what I mentioned above: The figure on your rosewood is rather on the plain side. The grain on the base piece is probably the nicest. Rosewood tends to look a tiny bit like oak, but with black streaks. It's a naturally oily tropical hardwood, so it's especially prone to flaking and...
  15. Sooth

    Best stripper to use for kitchen clock?

    The orange stripper or similar like "gentle" strippers are generally very slow, tedious, and time consuming. I would suggest a heavy body regular store brand chemical stripper. Shellac tends to be fairly easy to remove, but you may want to rinse with plenty of alcohol, and use a toothbrush to...
  16. Sooth

    Tallcase clock purchase question - condition

    Sometimes, if the dimensions/wood allows, a severe warp like this can be partially camouflaged by slightly relocating one of the two hinges, and/or relieving some of the contact area on the rear side of the door where it's contacting the case front. Neither is ideal, and you will be partially...
  17. Sooth

    biedermeier Vienna regulator

    To clear up any confusion, the veneer on this (door, base, backboard) are indeed rosewood. Sides and ebonized bits are a secondary hardwood stained or ebonized.
  18. Sooth

    cord splicing

    There are a few different methods used to join the ends of longcase clock ropes; some more complicated than others, some stronger than others. Nick (?) novicetimekeeper posted one video, but there are one or two others. The main think you REALLY need to double check and triple check, are that...
  19. Sooth

    Smart, London, mahogany double fusee 12" drop dial.

    Beautiful clock, Chris. I don't know that I've ever noticed an English fusee movement with the barrels poking out the bottom like a little bum, haha. I tend to think most English movements were rather generous when it came to brass or plate sizes. I agree your hands may look much better.
  20. Sooth

    What do I have?

    These are sometimes known as "Marine" or "Lever" wall clocks or some combination of Marine Octagon/Lever clock. They are not really rare, but also don't necessarily turn up super often. Thousands were made in all sorts of various case types (plain boxy octagon, ogee curved sides like yours...

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