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  1. claussclocks

    Measuring new glass for a bezel without a retaining clip

    I agree with Tracerjack. I have replaced a number of these and that inner ring can be worked out. I usually start at the hinge and use a utility knife tip or something very fine to get under the ring and work it over the lip. I will just pop out once enough of it is clear of the bezel ring. I...
  2. claussclocks

    EN Welch question

    I don't know who to point you to but I have encountered people who have had things copied by 3D printers that are remarkably good. Maybe someone else can help or you might Google the topic and who does such work for hire in your area. DPC
  3. claussclocks

    Got me another mauthe

    I spoke to a German historian a few years back who gave me some interesting insight into some of these clocks with missing parts. Although many were lost in transport form Germany or by careless owners he told me something else. During WWII as times got tough for the average German people in...
  4. claussclocks

    Got me another mauthe

    Congratulations. I like Mauthe clocks. I have several. I'm going to suggest you PM -Tatyana-. She has helped date a couple of Mauthe clocks for me. I would be guessing. You've done some nice work. It's always great to see an abused or neglected clock brought back to life. DPC
  5. claussclocks

    Your opinions on Gilbert clocks?

    I am quite pleased with the Gilbert clocks I have. Some of their mantel clocks use a very pleasant sounding "cathedral gong". The cracking cannon pinion is a known issue but also occurs with Ingraham clocks. However, when you stop to think about it when this pinion fails most of these clocks...
  6. claussclocks

    Three Latest Additions

    There were a number of reproduction clocks such as yours made during the 70's and 80's using the 130 series movement. Some were made with marble and bronze statue clocks made in Italy but using the same movement you have. As long as it runs, keeps time, and you like it, forge on. If you start...
  7. claussclocks

    A New "Remember" Clock Gebruder Resch

    Based on the information on the Forum link I followed that is where the numbers on the plates fall in my interpretation. Granted it does not look that old and the style is not what I might expect from the period that is the conclusion I drew. If you can offer alternate insight I would be...
  8. claussclocks

    A New "Remember" Clock Gebruder Resch

    Following Tatyana's link it appears this clock was made in 1879. I can only wish I would look this good in 142 years. DPC
  9. claussclocks

    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    I have considered if we could find someone who has one and would trust us to return it copying the chime drum pattern and converting a standard Vedette Westminster. It uses the same bar set. Not perfect nor true to form but it would work. DPC
  10. claussclocks

    French Piece (Same sale)

    Probably. Thanks for helping with the clock. DPC
  11. claussclocks

    French Piece (Same sale)

    To satisfy everyone's curiosity, including mine, and avoid numerous cases of eyestrain I pulled the movement. It is a Marti.
  12. claussclocks

    A New "Remember" Clock Gebruder Resch

    Thank You. I have communicated with Tatyana before. Seems to have an extensive knowledge of the Vienna type clocks. Always very helpful. DPC
  13. claussclocks

    French Piece (Same sale)

    OK. This one falls in a different category. It was so ugly and unfamiliar to me at Less than $75.00 I had to see what it was. Obviously French and at some point it had a statue or figure on top. Clock is in decent shape and actually runs. This is not the first clock I have bought that...
  14. claussclocks

    A New "Remember" Clock Gebruder Resch

    I went to an estate sale out in the boondocks and saw this clock. Wearing a mask clouds my glasses and having one hand full I could not put them on to read the makers mark. However, this clock met my first 3 rules of purchase. 1) I liked the looks. 2) Case was in acceptable condition. 3)...
  15. claussclocks

    My Latest Clock Identification

    I would take it as it is. A beautiful clock worthy of a place in your collection. DPC
  16. claussclocks

    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    Familiar with the advertising slogan for John Deere tractors, "Nothing runs like a Deere!" Well, "Nothing sounds like a Vedette!!" DPC
  17. claussclocks

    Erhard Jauch Uhrenfabrik

    That was 49 years and 11 months too long considering how I feel about Jauch movements DPC
  18. claussclocks

    My Latest Clock Identification

    Welcome to the Message Board. I have been researching your Adamatine clock and have not found an exact match. This is only speculation but I am wondering if the two front columns are not original to this clock. They look like they are but, who knows. If you are not afraid to carefully look...
  19. claussclocks

    E.N. Welch Clock Identification

    Welch made some very beautiful clocks. Movements were also well made. It is a shame what Sessions did after they purchased the company. Kind of like someone buying Rolls Royce and turning out Yugo's. My opinion DPC
  20. claussclocks

    Help identifying clock - need to buy pendulum and key

    If I had to guess it is probably a size 6 or 7 key. The original pendulum was a solid disk usually with an capital "I" stamped on it. Available from several clock supply companies Based on Tran Duy Ly's Ingraham book it looks like you have a "Regal" made in 1915 give or take a year or two...

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