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    Quenching oil?

    Linseed oil is a fire hazard because it's a "drying oil", which means it hardens (polymerizes) on exposure to air; this reaction gives off heat, which can cause a spontaneous fire. It's the oil they're talking about when warning of the danger of "oily rags". Most oils, like mineral oils, do...
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    Isaiah Lukens Free Talk

    On Tues. Feb 23, at 12 N EST, Elizabeth Fox of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia will give a Zoom talk on Isaiah Lukens of Philadelphia, son of Seneca Lukens, of (what's now) Montgomery County, PA. The Athenaeum has a spectacular 12 ft tallcase clock by Isaiah, originally from a Philadelphia bank...
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    Lost Notre Dame de Paris Tower Clock

    Lost Notre Dame de Paris Tower Clock Here is a link to a new Youtube channel with computer images of the Notre Dame de Paris tower clock which was destroyed in the fire last year. I don't know if anyone is thinking of reconstructing this clock, but it would be an important addition to the...
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    3-D Model of Notre Dame Cathedral Clock, Paris

    I've posted here, from Denis Roegel, further information about the Notre Dame Tower Clock computer model. Bill Ward Hello, A few days ago, I made the announcement of my 3D reconstruction of the 1867 Collin clock destroyed in the fire of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. I received many...
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    3-D Model of Notre Dame Cathedral Clock, Paris

    Hello, A few days ago, I made the announcement of my 3D reconstruction of the 1867 Collin clock destroyed in the fire of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. I received many requests and messages from interested people, and given their number, I decided to make my 3D model freely available on the...
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    3-D Model of Notre Dame Cathedral Clock, Paris

    I have posted here the announcement of the public release of this 3-D model of the clock of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, on the anniversary of the fire which badly damaged both the clock and the cathedral: Hello, One year ago, on April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris caught...
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    American Jacob Custer, Revisited?

    How interesting! The case feet imply a date a little later than the typical P&S, perhaps 1840ish. Also, the very large scroll pediment (if that's not a perspective distorting photographic artifact) perhaps presages the neo-rococco, which we began to see (around these parts, at least...
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    Wholesale Clock suppliers?? (Please delete if inappropriate)

    Years ago I wrote to a manufacturer of kitchen style movements in India. The minimum order was 750 units- and it took them about a year to reply. Defective movements were not returnable. The price was about half that charged by the dealers here, but the shipping was not included. Customs can...
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    American Jacob Custer, unusual mechanism 8 day tall clock

    Yes, Custer was an unusual man- more of an inventor than a practical clockmaker. Nonetheless, the company he founded survived as a jewelry store on Main St. here in Norristown until the depression. A former mayor of Norristown, Bill DeAngelis, reminisced to me once about the...
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    Metal Mantel Clock ID Help

    The verdigris on the case implies brass or bronze, but it's unclear whether this is plating over a white metal slush casting. Look on the inside of the case-does it look like bronze, or zinc? You can scratch it on the inside with a sharp scriber; does it look like brass? Is it very soft...
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    Not Your Average Hall Clock

    I love this severe neoclassical design! The light colored exotic woods can sometimes almost look like Art Deco (and are sometimes mis-attributed as Deco). The Austrian clockmakers were heavily influenced by French design (there was an horology school in Vienna run by French masters). But you...
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    Chimes 13

    Your clock has "countwheel", AKA "locking plate" or "locking wheel" striking. In this configuration, the striking wheel train is triggered to strike the hour count when the minute hand passes 12, and then (usually) once when it passes 6 (i.e. on the half hour.) Otherwise, this train is...
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    case for morbier clock

    Urhalt is correct. The usual case is very thin, partly bent softwood that hasn't held up well to the vicissitudes of either time or fashion. In the 1980's there was a decorator's rage for the violin-shaped cases that these clocks often wore, and the movements were often separated (and sold to...
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    why do clock part alternate between steel and brass

    Use a brass pin in a steel pillar. The pin won't get stuck on the surface of the plate, but it sure will in a mating hole.
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    Cleaning gilt brass case

    "Methylated Spirits", meaning denatured (ethyl) alcohol, might contain substances which could leave a residue. Methyl, and also isopropyl, alcohol usually leaves a white film; other denaturants (gasoline was formerly used; pyridine is still commonly used) might be worse. In the lab, for vacuum...
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    Old Tall Case Clock Dial and Movement

    Although the tower on the dial might be a church tower, those round towers are emblematic of Ireland. They were built from the time of the 9thC to defend against Norse raiders. Many also have later, lower buildings addended for living space. They are considered castles.
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    Runs a tiny bit fast... bob is as low on the pendulum as possible.

    Very nice clock! If 'twer mine, I'd clean it first- insufficient amplitude makes a clock run faster due to circular error. Next, I'd look at the escapement carefully while running- could it be skipping any teeth? Are all the teeth straight & of even length? Is the beat even throughout the...
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    Does anyone has a copy of Morpurgo, Enrico klokken??

    I am visiting the NAWCC Library on Thursday, 18 Jan. If you have not found the information before then, send me the maker's name, etc., and I will scan whatever I find there. This should give my limited Dutch a workout; I'd better pack my dictionary!
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    Anybody seen this before? Hands set through hole in glass

    When I was a boy, my parents had a small travel clock which was set by means of a knurled knob in a hole in the glass. I've no idea who made it, but it was certainly from the mid 20th C, probably pre-war. I'd totally forgotten it until your post.
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    Repair or Replace with hermle 241-840 66cm movement??

    TR, do you have the dial? If so, replacing the original movement with a Hermle would mean, almost certainly, discarding it and using a new Hermle dial, adding to the expense. Senhalls is correct: these changes will turn your regulator into what is (charitably) called by dealers a "decorator's...

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