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    Interesting "Waterproof" Watch case by Id Watch Case Company Mercury Watch

    I just got this case in a lot. This one caught my eye because it is marked Waterproof and the case was unlike any I had seen. I could only see the watch from the top in the auction. Now that I have got it, I still am not sure what it is. I think it is likely a prototype that was never made. It...
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    Gallet Electa Laforge & Valentine Lifetime Series Pocket watch 23 jewels

    I have seen a little info about Electa and read some on David Boettcher’s website Does anyone know any more about this high grade movement? Here is another thread here: Swiss movement, help with manufacturer? | NAWCC Forums It is very nice, but I believe it is a...
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    A little oddball watch Time-O-Phone

    I am posting this here, because it is closest in size to a wristwatch. I'm not sure how to take it apart. It has a manual wind movement and sets and winds through the stem. The meter on the left side of the dial is a 0-12 minute scale. I assume this is used to record phone length for a pay...
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    Identify movement marked J.B Cx on dial side

    This is a pretty nice quality cylinder pocket watch movement with a friction fit dial. It is marked with a J.B Cx on the back. I assume Cx may be like Cie, but I haven't seen this before.
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    Did Baume Mercier make these or have them made?

    On their website in the History section, it talks about Baume and Mercier receiving the Geneva Seal (Poincon) in the 1920s. This is a nice movement with the Poincon marks, but I can't find a similarly marked B&M. It has a lot of similarities to some Meylan and IWC movements. Anyone know more...
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    Croton Aquamedico with unusual dial

    I've had this for a while and always wondered what the story is behind the dial It doesn't say Croton at all, it simply has a fancy script capital R then the Aqua Medico. It has a marked movement and back, but the dial is strange. Anyone have a theory or have seen one like this before?
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    Made special by Illinois Watch Company

    The plate design on this struck me as odd and it didn't come with a dial. When I searched the pocket watch database, this seems like an ordinary movement, but the curve under the name plate is odd and it is labeled made special by Illinois. On the database page there happens to be a bankers box...
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    Anyone recognize this regulator

    I don't recognize this regulator. It says Patent Applied For in english, but it is likely a swiss watch.
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    Old Cyma cushion watch question

    I was going through some of my older wristwatches and I was wondering if anyone knows what the dog laying down on the watch movement is for. I have only seen it on a few Cymas. Also was wondering about the case. It is a hinged cushion case and isn't marked Cyma. It also has multiple numbers...
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    Information about a JJ Poole pocket watch movement London

    I have been trying to do some research on this London pocket watch. I have read about John and James Poole, and this movement does have features similar to some they produced. However, I can't find references to one marked JJ Poole or to the 12 George Yard Lombard Street London address. Does...
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    Info on Albert Lescow Osnabruck

    I am looking for information on Albert Lescow. I just won a lot with a key wind pocket watch by him. There is scant information that is easy to find. The only info I have found is here Fa. Albert Lescow – Watch-Wiki I'll post pictures once I receive the watch.
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    Can anyone help me identify this watch movement?

    Here are some pics. It has an unusual double-layered mainspring barrel. It also has an asterisk mark on the dial side away from the stem.
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    Help me identify this unusual balance wheel

    OK, I am just going to claim ignorance on this one because I have never seen one like it before. I found this in a big loose bag full of parts. I don't know its origin or if it is even from a pocket watch. I can try getting better pictures, but it is hard with my current lighting. Hopefully...
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    Marquand & Brothers Pocket Watch

    I'm curious if anyone knows who made this case. It is marked AB as seen in the photo. I'd guess it is an American company, but I believe this is likely a Swiss private label watch for Marquand & Brothers. There were no pictures of the movement. The auction has ended. It looks like Marquand &...
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    Interesting Two Train Independent second lepine style movement

    I only have the picture from the auction I won so far, so it is not even close to good. I'm sure it is the reason I was the only bidder on the lot. It is likely in lousy shape too, but it is fun to learn about watches like this when you can have them in your hand. What I have found so far is...
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    Anyone recognize this M S Smith Detroit Movement

    I assume this is a Swiss movement, so I have posted it in the European section. Some of the other M S Smith watches on this message board appear to be Saltzman/Jacot movements, but this one is a little different. Anyone recognize this one? I'll remove the dial and look on that side once I...
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    Need help identifying symbol on watch movment

    I just bought this nice swiss? movement and I am trying to decipher a symbol on it. It is a private label A Stowell pocket watch movement. It has several high end features like wolf tooth winding and snap on dial. It has what looks like a standing dragon between the bridges. Anyone know what...
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    Anyone recognize this symbol on an automatic movement?

    It looks like an AI or A+ inside a triangle.
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    Vacheron & Constantin and (very) similar unmarked

    I recently bought both of these from the same seller. They are very similar as you can see. One is marked Vacheron & Constantin on the dial side and has serial number 263180 which puts it around 1903. The other is not marked V&C and has serial 15054 which would make it about 60 years older...
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    Unusual Pocket Watch movement Glashutte or fake maybe

    I can't find any others like this and there is no maker information that I can find on the watch. It has some classic Glashutte features, but a lot of different features too. I'm just interested in finding out more about it.

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