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    Eve's Clock

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    Seth Thomas Pillar and Scroll

    Hello Bob, My close friend, Victor, is far more artistic than I am....he touched up the dial for me. Actually, it required only "strengthening" if you will. It was very faded. I didn't want it to appear "new" at all....he did a great job!!!!
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    Seth Thomas Pillar and Scroll

    Hello Everyone, I thought I'd take a few moments to show you the finished product. She turned out beautifully. Just today, I received the beautiful glass painted by Lee Davis of York, PA. He absolutely captured the original essence! I could NOT be more pleased. Just wanted to show her off!
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    Seth Thomas Pillar and Scroll

    Hello Everyone, Well, I've finally done it! I've ventured into the world of woodworks clocks. This is my very first and I feel as if I have struck gold! Not one tooth or pinion on any wooden gear has any damage or repair. I find this impossible to believe given the age of these clocks! The...
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    Seth Thomas Lincoln

    Thanks, Willie. I knew this...and do not know why I failed to include photos. Here are a couple that I do have:
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    Seth Thomas Lincoln

    Hello All, I am trying to assist a friend who has purchased a Seth Thomas Lincoln. He received two weights, one is lighter than the other. The lighter weight will not pull the strike side efficiently, nor will it power the time train sufficiently for reliable running. The question is...
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    JUF? I think so....Please advise

    Hello All, I have been given this beauty. It is going to be lovely. Can you believe it will RUN in its present filthy condition? What is the proper strength suspension wire? I only had a .004 and .0023 in my stash. I tried the .004 and could likely thin it easily enough--she gained 2.5...
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    Ansonia Statue Clock w/Spring Barrels

    I find this interesting. My own "Mercury" has open springs much like any other Ansonia movement. Are these true barrel springs or are they open on the gear side and act merely as a containment device should the spring or click fail? Thanks for posting.
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    1990 Ridgeway Grandfather Clock ID

    Hello All, On a recent venture through some local consignment shops, my better half spotted this Ridgeway Grandfather Clock. I had never seen her get so excited about ANY clock and there are--admittedly--many, many clocks in her life. Something about the big "cut glass" pendulum, the matching...
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    Welch Khedive pendulum

    I have bought from these folks....and they seem to have what you seek: I am, in no way, affiliated with this company. I just thought I'd mention it to you.
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    Urgos Escape Wheel Woes

    Hello Folks, I have a friend in the next town over who needs a hand with an Urgos clock. He has been learning the trade for some time now and is doing quite well. He picked up a quite plain, yet interesting, clock locally and has discovered the problem in getting it to run. He needs an...
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    Welch, Spring & Company

    Hello Everyone, Yesterday, in Asheboro NC, I visited a quality clock shop. I found something there I've wanted for a long time. Condition is this beautiful Patti in the video came home with me. It is absolutely original in all aspects save one. I am certain that the...
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    My very first Atmos

    Hello Everyone, I finally landed an Atmos! I found it in a consignment/antique store in Greensboro, NC, just 40 minutes from home. It has a presentation plaque from 1972 and the serial number seems to date it the same year. It was running and displayed the correct time in the shop. It had...
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    Crystal Regulator cased Torsion Clock

    Hello Everyone, What kind of clock have I purchased? I won this on the popular auction site. It was labelled by the buyer as French, but I think German. The only markings on the plate will appear toward the end of the video. It reads Patent Angemeldet. It sure is a beauty after about 6...
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    ODO Clock with "Ave Maria" chime sequence

    Hello Burkhard, Here is the clock! It's a pretty old girl. Thanks for asking!
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    ODO Clock with "Ave Maria" chime sequence

    I will have to admit that the split back plate sure did make the reassembly easy! I had not encountered a three train movement made like this before now. And overall, this clock is built like a tank. I didn't have to replace any bushings.
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    ODO Clock with "Ave Maria" chime sequence

    Hello Folks, I found this languishing in an antique shop in Lexington, NC, recently. Just got it all back together and heard it speak for the first time. I was most please when I realized it has the beautiful "Ave Maria" Lourdes chime. I have never, before now, found one of these for sale...
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    Schatz Miniature jum/7

    The replacement anchor arrived from Chris Nimon today along with the correct strength Horolovar suspension spring. I installed the anchor and cobbled up the suspension this evening and I'm happy to say that the little Schatz is running like a champ for the past few hours! I am cautiously...
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    Schatz Miniature jum/7

    Hello All, I am going to try the alum trick! It sounds like it is worth the effort. In the meantime, however, Chris Nimon is able to supply one and I have it on order. I am, however, going to attempt the rebuild--if nothing else, it will be a good learning experience. I sincerely...
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    Schatz Miniature jum/7

    Hello All, I bought this little beauty on eBay and it arrived today. The shipping gorillas, despite admirable efforts by the shipper, managed to destroy the suspension (the pendulum was removed and wrapped separately....) The clock was thrown about so wildly that the movement was loosened from...
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