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    It's one of the amusing problems of watch repair items found in the watchmakers toolbox. To me I agree it does not look like a tool sort of? Actually looks like the part of something but watchmakers are resourceful they adapt things. Then they tend to accumulate tools from other industries. So...
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    Pivot lubrication for 18s 7-jewel movements

    9020 is a really good universal oil for pocket watches. I use it for the balance pivots the gear train works fine. Usually for the center jewel I switch to the HP 1300 a heavier oil. Universally frowned upon to oil the pallet fork pivots. They're not considered a revolving component and there...
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    Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia and 111A

    Bestfit Encyclopedia Books #111 & #111A Digital Download – PDF Version
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    Elgin Pocket Watch Clutch Problem...

    Keeping a discussion like this isn't an issue if people would do a search before asking a question. Providing it's titled a properly somebody might find help and realizing that the problem isn't where they're looking. I've seen that in other discussion groups were somebody answered their own...
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    Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia and 111A

    Unfortunately no pictures but have you ever seen the link below? It's the online version of the bestfit system and it does go beyond what the books did. MATSYS Online - BestFit 300 Material System
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    Minute and Hour Hands Won't Turn

    Perhaps we should slow down here and not jump to conclusions even though it probably is the canon pinion needed to be tightened. If the canon pinion is off and you push on the minute wheel can it turn effortlessly? Also of course the watch has to be in running mode when it's out of the case...
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    How much 941 is enough?

    Unfortunately this is not a simple question. Originally when it came out the recommendation was for higher frequency watches. Then in the tech sheets you would see that. But soon you'd see in either or and now it's just the 9415 typically. If your watches running beautifully then it's fine...
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    pocket watch run time

    I was going to say 24 hours but. How about the watch should keep reasonable time over at least 24 hours. That means it has to run past 24 hours. But a lot of this depends on the particular watch. Usually for better timekeeping because timekeeping is related to amplitude a longer run time is desired.
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    Minute and Hour Hands Won't Turn

    I found a link with the picture of the watch. It would be Nice to see a picture the dial side see if we can see a problem? Then I notice on the backside there's interesting screw with an arrow? Some watches have mechanisms to put them into setting when they're out of the case. How'd of curiosity...
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    trouble with waltham model 92 grade 845

    for those who haven't seen the watch before I have a link which has pictures. This is a rather interesting watch as pointed out above it's a full plate but it's not your normal full plate. Unfortunately ilike all full plates everything is hidden. This makes troubleshooting definitely more...
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    Omega Automatic 200m won't wind.

    would you like us to guess? Problem is we really need to see your watch or if we knew the exact model number may be it has a probably unique for that model number not that I'm aware of such a thing but model number be helpful. I don't suppose you went swimming with the watch and it's filled with...
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    Help Dial Cleaning

    The problem is the dials are printed painted with something. They're usually very very thin and they really do not take kindly to just about anything including being touched. As we don't know necessarily exactly what every single dial is made of etc. that means any fluids chemicals etc. may have...
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    Initial Slowness Mystery

    I don't suppose you have a timing machine? This way we can separate timing issues from mechanical issues. Than the magnetism issue? It probably depends upon a whole bunch of things like how big was the box how close was one watch to whatever the magnetic source was if there was a magnetic...
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    Tissot Sports Chronograph

    This is what happens when you're trying to guess what the model number is when that may be entirely something different not a model number. It appears to be for Tissot G10 or G15 Are common movements and it doesn't look like one of those either. Then usually with any watch for the most part to...
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    Tissot Sports Chronograph

    It would be helpful to give us a little more to work on than a fuzzy picture. Like a movement number I can read ETA that helps. I'm attaching an image snipped out your image I'm guessing that's the movement number other than the letter F I guess Make up the rest of it which would be helpful if...
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    Elgin 1925 B.W.Raymond 21 Jewel Railroad model 478 Problem.

    All of the sliding and rotating parts have to be lubricated.
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    Elgin 1925 B.W.Raymond 21 Jewel Railroad model 478 Problem.

    A picture of your watch in the problem area might be helpful?
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    Wristwatch rear cover glass repair

    As to can you put it in the cleaning machine definitely. It would be nice if it wasn't a water-based solution. Will it come out cleaner definitely. Will this be the best thing for you to be doing definitely not. Unfortunately watches require lubrication and some of the parts can only be...
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    Waltham Canadian Railway Time Service running fast

    There are some wristwatches that came in different frequencies. This is where they were switching from 18,000 and 19,800 sometimes faster. So this means you might have a base caliber like his Rolex that does this with other watches having different balance frequencies. Gear trains are supposed...
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    movement Early 1900 movement identification

    The same as the bestfit book sort of in the beginning of lists the companies by name and the movement numbers and the reference page. I had looked and haven't seen it but now I see at its there and they only have one and it does have the right size does refer you to the right page and it has a...

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