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  1. pahel

    small four glass 400 day clock

    hi all my latest challenge is this 4-glass 400-day clock with a rather unusual movement, manufacturer unknown, no marks, sn is 737. The fastening of the ratchet is also strange, it is only held by a pin, no bridge as usual, a construction that scares me a bit. There is a plaque on the front of...
  2. pahel

    blue faced Schatz 49

    acquired this Schatz "49"er for spares, as some parts are interchangeable with older JUF movements. Since it came in a very good condition, nearby untouched (even the origial varnish is still on the plates), I decided to keep this one alive, as It just needed a new suspension and runs fine...
  3. pahel

    400 day ID help

    hi all, this clock came to me in a very poor condition, though it seems worth to bring it back to life. Most difficult part was a broken pendulum hook. The movement looks like a typical JUF, but the upper suspension bracket (pic 1) and the disc pendulum are different from what I've seen on JUF...
  4. pahel

    Art Nouveau Dial 400 Day Clock

    Hi all, my latest aquisition for a reasonable price is this 400 day clock with a nice art nouveau dial shield. I could not find -or didn't see- a matching backplate in the guide, so maybe someone could help to ID this clock and give some information about it's date of manufacturing. The...
  5. pahel

    square dial 400 day clock

    hi all, my newest aquisition is this 400 day clock with square dial, the first one in my collection. The dial appears a bit oversized -compared to other square dial 400day clocks, but It all seems to be original, also the fact, that there's no crown. There is no SN or makers stamp, backplate...
  6. pahel

    Chrome plated 400day clock

    hi all, could anyone help to ID this clock, there is no serial nr oder makers name on the plate. Since I didn't own a chrome platetd clock before, I wonder if it is original to have the back plate in common brass finish, while the front plate is also chromed ? thanks for helping regards pahel...
  7. pahel

    Who is Edgar Henn ?

    aquiered this 400 day clock for the price of a cup of coffee, so I decided to give it a chance of being requickened. It's in a poor and dirty condition but seems to be complete. There is a makers stamp that reads Edgar Henn, I've never heard about this manufacturer. Also I wonder about the extra...
  8. pahel

    Is this a Ph. Hauck?

    Hi all, aquiered a new 400 day project for restoration, unfortunately with some damaged teeth but I've found a spare part that would fit with some little alterations (from a JUF). It came with a 4-ball pendulum, which seems to be old (means pre WW2) but I'm not shure, if it belongs to this...
  9. pahel

    Movement ID help please

    Hello, got this movement for an new project, there is no SN or makers stamp on it. It came to me with a solid brass pendulum with that rather uncommon small gallery (Hauck?). Could anyone help to date + identifiy the manufacturer and if the pendulum originally belongs to this movement ? thanks...
  10. pahel

    Harder Disc Pendulum Copy

    Hi all, I'm still concerned to complete my Harder Base with short columns (interesting marriage of young and old) with an appropriate movement and pendulum. I've found a movement eventually but a pendulum -I'm looking for that early type without gallery- is not easy to come by or out of my...
  11. pahel

    new GB

    my latest addition is this Gustav Becker, which cameto me in a really poor condition. Most work was spent in removing the black painting from the base, done by the pre-owner for reasons not clear. Apart from that, the movement seems of good quality and works good, however I didn't care for a...
  12. pahel

    movement ID help

    hi all, with a convolute of spare parts I've got these 400 day movements, that seem worth beeing restored. The one numbered 5040 came without dial,there were two dials included that would fit into the monunting holes, however I'm not shure, if one of those is correct or if it would need one of...
  13. pahel

    New schatz 400 Day Clock

    hi all, acquiered this JUF 400 day clock a few days ago, usually, I don't go in for post-WWII clocks, but there was a price less than 20 USD -though without dome and key-, so I couldn't resist. It came with a suspension wire which appears a bit to short, as it runs well and is tolerably keeping...
  14. pahel

    disc pendulum id help

    hi all, recently I've got some clock parts in a convolute, including this disc pendulum. The gallery looks familiar but the adjustment weights appear unusual, as they are attached by scews on top which keeps them in place after shifting. there's no threaded rod as usual. also the diameter of the...
  15. pahel

    interesting marriage of young and old

    hi everybody, newly I purchased this strange combination of an old base with a newer movement, equipped with the old finial. I suppose, this base is much older, as it reminds me of an early huber or harder base ? what's the experts opinion on that?. Unfortunately the pre-owner drilled two...
  16. pahel

    Galinstan vs. Mercury

    Hello everybody, i recently have to replace a broken glass tube of a mercury pendulum of a french crystal regulator clock. since mercury is difficult to get and even more difficult to handle, I'd ask, if anyone has experience with so-called Galinstan (may be there is another word for this in...
  17. pahel

    Help picture rotation

    hi all, uploaded pics appear 90 degrees turned to the left, thougt the original pic is in the correct upside position. is there a method to prevent this? thx for advise
  18. pahel

    Is this a JUF ?

    Hi all, my latest purchase of a 400 day clock after a long time of "abstinence" appears to be a JUF (according to its backplate) however there is a "CB" stamped on the front below the dial which seems to express a BUF product? Is there anyone among you experts who could tell me the manufacturer...
  19. pahel

    Is this a BUF ?

    purchased this clock some days ago, came to me in a very poor conditon. I have it nearly finished and running now, could someone please help to ID and date it...? on the front plate is the Badische Uhrenfabrik logo, but I remember another thread, where a similar clock was determined as a...
  20. pahel

    is this a "married" JUF ?

    Hi all, I newly purchased this 400day clock for restoration, I believe it is a JUF, according to plate 1476 -except there is a "G" stamped in the lower left of the backplate. The one thing, that appears rather unusual (compared with other JUF clocks I've seen) is the base with pillars and the...

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