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  1. Rick Brownbill

    Atmos 540 Hour Tube Bushing

    Hello All, Is there a special tool - or perhaps special instructions - to remove the hour tube bushing on this caliber? Almost fifty years repairing clocks, including Atmos, and there's still much to learn. :) Thanks.
  2. Rick Brownbill

    New Haven Floor Clock

    Just acquired a Mission style, oak floor clock. Although there is no identifier on the movement, I assume it is a New Haven from my internet research. If anyone can direct me to where I may find either original or reproduction hands and a numeral 2 for the dial it would be much appreciated. Also...
  3. Rick Brownbill

    American PW Minute Wheel Needed

    Hi, Does anyone have a suggestion where I might locate a minute wheel to fit a 6 size Rockford pocket watch movement. Serial number: 393555 indicates circa 1892 manufacture. Any help much appreciated. Regards, Rick Brownbill Perfect Timing Inc.

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