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    Picture tour of replacing a staff on a Waltham 6/0s wristwatch, enjoy!

    ahh timing washers forgot about those. I really hate swapping staffs but sometimes when Iam bored i do it on scrap balances just to get my practice up. Still very painstaking. I would also love to see a video on truing a balance I think the calipers I have arent very good I always have trouble...
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    Picture tour of replacing a staff on a Waltham 6/0s wristwatch, enjoy!

    this was awesome, I have done larger friction fit staffs for waltham/elgin 3/0 and 0, but I always had a hard time with the smaller 6/0 8/0 riveted staffs. Question how did you drill the hole? could a balance screw undercutter come in handy here as well or only if heavy spots happens to be by a...
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    Help Identifying Elgin Watch

    the case was not from 1912, those cases came around late 1917 it could be later based on the manufacturer marking inside. I think illinois and wadsworth were the first with the cushion case design. These became more popular in 1919 onward through the 1920s. The movement is most likely and...
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    Bad Mainspring?

    possible but also unlikely, however if it were to stop the movement it would happen well before 3 hours depending on which wheel has the bent tooth.
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    Repair manual for case pendants

    I mean its not easy to do, but it takes understanding of diameters, lengths, tap sizes etc........ keeping swiss movements with swiss cases and American movements with American cases would alleviate a lot of stress. I have assortments of case sleeves and I go by what is in the bottle. If they...
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    Bad Mainspring?

    what skutt said about testing the train and looking for that "reverse" in the escape wheel is essential with any movement service. However I think your issue might be in the escapement, the mainspring, or possibly a combination of both. A broken tooth would not cause a sudden loss of power...
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    Help identifying older watch

    serial number/model number may not have any significance here But it should be inside of the case. The movement is most likely going to be an A. Schild. and a pic of movement will be needed to determine the caliber. Looks like a one piece which means its a split stem, and removal will be through...
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    Honor the Death of the Last of 6 WW2 Pilots Engraved on my 1944 Holux Watch

    really cool! Very nice of you to give it to someone who can cherish it
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    Help identifying older watch

    what exactly are you trying to "identify" ??? seems like you already did. Is there something more specific you looking to find?
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    Elgin 554 Waterproof WWII

    i think i saw this on ebay. Its not worth anything except for the movement and case which does not belong together.
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    Deciphering Elgin A-11 Case back

    Correct movement should be a mil-spec grade Elgin 539 with nickel and black/blued screws, ratchet and crown wheel, and hairspring regulator. The serial number should start with a letter "T" Type A-11 Spec no. 94-27834 (military specification number - there a 94-27834 then there are also...
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    Curious on the base metal for this case

    nobody knows the exact content of the base metal, it is an alloy that could be a mixture of any combination of metals listed above. I would think zinc, copper, nickel would be the usual suspects though and possibly a 4th metal. I really wish a lab test could be done in order to know for sure but...
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    Trying to ID several men's watches

    -The triple date is most likely from the 50s possibly early 60s. I think if the crown is unsigned then its def. 50s. Crown does look original too so check that. Case back is just serial stamped so another indicator its from the 50s. This watch has some value and very appealing to collectors. The...
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    Provenance, Provenance, Provenance

    I have family in south jersey and there are a few vintage shops I go to and you are right prices are way too high for the watches being offered, and most of them are from 60s and up. MY passion is for WWI trench watches and WWII watches. I have never seen one for sale locally EVER. Next time...
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    Provenance, Provenance, Provenance

    Just wanted to revive this thread in light of the new waltham release....I have been going crazy trying to find an example of a box, any box for that matter. Adam just want to say you really lucked out with this one! Just wondering if you still have it? I realized that if you are a collector you...
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    Just Pre-Ordered my Watch Angels Waltham Field & Marine Watch

    Pricing was not bad on these! And they sold out quick! I wanted the matte green PVD configuration but it was gone. So i bought the last SS black dial....I wish they would have made a matte black dial with the vintage lume and PVD case though instead of a green in a 12hr configuration. I would...
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    Elgin 580

    no problem 8/0 staffs are a pain in the A$$
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    Removing broken balance wheel screws from rim (18s Illinois)

    you know what stupid me, I have a habit of not fully reading posts, didnt see where you said 3 screws missing and it was on the first line SMH! but question does it look like its was done intentionally ? if so maybe a reason for it? it would suck if you went through all that trouble to find out...

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