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  1. Bill Cann

    Ansonia Nuts!

    Anyone know what thread Ansonia used on their hand nuts? I have an 1880's open escapement movement that is missing the hand nut. I did a quick search of the forum and there is some discussion but no definitive answer. I have purchased hand nut packs from a vendor and have tried #2-64, #2-56...
  2. Bill Cann

    Clock Wanted: Column Pedestals for Ansonia slate clock

    I am looking for a couple of pedestals (or full column sets) for an Ansonia slate clock. They look like either a brass or bronze casting. Two of the pedestals had several cracks. The pedestal is 1-1/2" diameter at the base, about 7/8" high, and fits a column with a 3/4" ID. The total column...
  3. Bill Cann

    Ansonia Slate Clock Column Removal?

    I have an Ansonia Slate Clock "El Limon"(?) that has been sitting on the shelf for awhile. Brocot movement is running well. Case is complete but a mess. Ran out of other projects, so decided to tackle it. Stalled quickly. The columns need to be removed to get to serious grime behind them...
  4. Bill Cann

    Badische Uhrenfabrik Shelf Clock

    Didn't know much about the clock when I acquired it, but the case and movement looked mostly intact. The paper on the back was interesting. Quickly learned after a couple runs on the test stand that it is a 30hr movement. Case cleaned up pretty nice, but has had items replaced. Markings on...
  5. Bill Cann

    American Clock Case ID?

    I am working on a friends clock who is going through a rough patch. It was passed down through her family and she has lots of stories about it. Once, her grandfather was living in Ohio and he rescued it from his house while a river was flooding the house. She asked if I could get it working...
  6. Bill Cann

    Woodworks pinion repair

    I am working on an Eli Terry movement. Time train running like a champ. Strike side is a different issue. It had a broken tooth on strike main wheel and second strike wheel had two pinion teeth previously repaired with epoxy (or similar). The broken tooth on main wheel was repaired from info...
  7. Bill Cann

    Mainspring repair?

    I encountered this prior "repair" while disassembling a recently acquired Sessions movement. At some point the mainspring had broken and it was riveted and brazed back together. The second image shows the joint had begun to fail. This looks like a safety issue to me. Was this common practice...
  8. Bill Cann

    Clock Sessions Mainspring Arbor Needed

    Did a quick assessment of a Sessions Westminster Shelf clock at a yard sale and the usual - case touch-up, hands missing, etc. But decided the price was right for a project. Imagine my surprise when I started disassembly and the Strike side mainspring arbor was gone. So, anyone have a...
  9. Bill Cann

    Hans Felser Regulator

    Just acquired this regulator at an estate sale. Dial says "Hans Felser Leoben". Case is in nice shape. At some point the movement was serviced as there are a couple bushings. A quick search of NAWCC and the Internet turned up nothing specific. I did find a Felser Clock Shop in Leoben and...
  10. Bill Cann

    Minute Hand for Junghans

    I have a Junghans 12.14 movement with a 5" dial that needs a minute hand. The mount is a half oblong (3.5mm x 2.8mm) and canted 45deg (for some reason). Looked at my usual suppliers and they carry oblong hands but not canted, so not going to have much success filing it to 45deg. I have not...
  11. Bill Cann

    Baeurle Peerless Movement

    I have a Bauerle Peerless movement that runs well but the strike seems like it is missing something. There is no spring on the hammer, so it strikes once and bounces loudly a couple times after that. There are two pins that a spring could be attached to but not sure an extension spring would...
  12. Bill Cann

    Installing a round Ansonia movement

    Recently finished a round Ansonia Brocot movement and the slate case. The case has round cutouts on front and back. In spite of tightening the mounting screws, the movement slightly rotates when winding and puts the movement out of beat. Is there a "preferred" way of securing the movement...
  13. Bill Cann

    Schatz Royal Maritime insight

    New to the NAWCC forum. As a guest, I have gained some good diagnostic insight on numerous movements from members, but this Schatz has me stumped, so time to join up. I have reviewed a couple articles on the movement, but haven't broken the code. Time and strike are "operating", but I can...

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