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    Junghans ATO Electronic

    Hi, The query relates to an ATO electronic (transistorised) clock, which I attempted to restore 7-8 months ago. I’m sure you know these clocks use the same principle as the Kundo, but have 2 coil drums rather than one; one being a dummy. Anyway, this ATO showed on doing a resistance check that...
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    Junghans ATO Electronic

    Hi, I’m attempting to repair an ATO Electronic Anticlimatic clock, which is in good condition apart from one of the coil windings being open circuit. The three coloured wires, red, blue, green initially gave resistance values 1.6K (B-R) and zero (G-B); the clock would not run. The coil wire...
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    Atmos 540

    Hi, My first post on this forum. I've owned an Atmos 540 for 5 years, bought from a reputable clock dealer in London UK. It had been serviced and cleaned, and ran fine until about 8 months ago, when it stopped. I returned it to the dealer, who cleaned it and said all was fine. It has since...

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